Gift of Bolsa Família TODAY (17/02) for all NIS; check out!

Today, Bolsa Família beneficiaries receive gifts and bonuses, marking a day of joy and hope. Find out how to access and use your benefits with ease.

Today is a special day for millions of Brazilians who depend on Bolsa Família, a program that represents a beacon of hope for families in vulnerable situations.

In an unprecedented move, the government announces the anticipation of benefits, bringing more than just financial assistance; brings joy and relief.

Imagine opening your account and seeing not just what you expected, but something more, a gift that arrives at a much needed time. More details are available in the following lines. Follow along!

Bolsa Família beneficiaries have reasons to celebrate this February 17th with the anticipation of benefits. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What do I need to receive Bolsa Família?

First of all, it is necessary to clarify that Bolsa Família, a pillar for many Brazilian families, is more than an income transfer program; it is a means of ensuring basic rights.

That said, to qualify, families must meet specific criteria, including a per capita income of up to R$218.

But the program goes further, requiring families to keep their children in school and keep their vaccinations up to date, among other responsibilities.

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What is the value of Bolsa Família in February?

February brings exciting news for recipients: three additional gifts and a special bonus.

In this sense, each family will receive at least R$600, with extras depending on family composition.

Children up to 6 years old add R$150 per head to the family bill; pregnant women and young people aged 7 to 17 bring an additional R$50 each.

And it doesn’t stop there: an extra bonus of R$102, destined for Gas Aid, will also be distributed, ensuring that families can cook and nourish themselves adequately.

How to access Bolsa Família?

In principle, receiving Bolsa Família is facilitated by CadÚnico, an essential registration to access social programs.

This registration not only opens doors to Bolsa Família, but also to Auxílio Gás, demonstrating a continuous effort by the government to support its most vulnerable groups.

How to withdraw February installments?

Modernity brings convenience to Bolsa Família beneficiaries. With the Caixa TEM app, values ​​can be moved easily, without the need for physical travel.

Access the Caixa TEM app:

For those who prefer, the program card also facilitates purchases and withdrawals, showing the versatility and adaptability of the system.

Transfer calendar

The Bolsa Família payment calendar for 2024 has already been defined, with distributions planned for the last ten business days of each month. In February, for example, the order below will follow:

Final do NIS Payday
1 16/2
2 19/2
3 20/2
4 21/2
5 22/2
6 23/2
7 26/2
8 27/2
9 28/2
0 29/2

Meanwhile, for the coming months, the defined transfer schedule is as follows:

March: from 15/3 to 28/3; April: from 17/4 to 30/4; May: from 17/5 to 31/5; June: from 17/6 to 28/6; July: from 18/7 to 31/7;August: from 19/8 to 30/8;September: from 17/9 to 30/9;October: from 18/10 to 31/10;November: from 14/11 to 29/11;December : from 12/10 to 12/23.

This planning not only facilitates the financial organization of families, but also brings predictability and security, crucial elements for those who rely on this assistance.

Ultimately, when we look at the impact of Bolsa Família and the recent announcements of additional benefits, we see the materialization of empathy and social commitment.

These gestures not only alleviate the difficulties of everyday life, but also reinforce the value of inclusion and mutual support.

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