General WARNING for seniors aged 60 and over who have an active ID card

Find out how seniors aged 60 and over with an active ID card can guarantee exclusive benefits with the senior citizen’s card. Discover the requirements, how to issue and the services offered in this comprehensive guide.

For seniors aged between 60 and 65, and even above this age group, who have an active ID card, an important notice can bring a series of exclusive benefits and services.

First of all, it is important to highlight that it is essential to pay attention to this notice to guarantee access to benefits that aim to improve your quality of life and guarantee your rights.

Therefore, continue reading with and stay up to date with news that mainly affects older members.

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Discover the Elderly Card

Namely, the elderly person’s card, guaranteed by Law 10,741/03, is an essential document for this age group.

In short, it provides complementary benefits and significant rights, including free access to interstate transport and discounts on tickets.

It is valid for 2 years, offering a range of advantages.

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Information present in the document

In principle, the elderly person’s card contains crucial information that identifies the holder of the document. Among these data are:

Full name; Date of birth; RG number, CPF, NIS; Date of dispatch and validity; QR Code with alphanumeric code, essential for proving the rights and benefits granted.

What are the requirements to obtain the Elderly Card?

In short, to acquire a senior citizen card, it is essential to meet some established requirements. Is required:

These requirements ensure that the benefit is directed to people who really need it.

After all, how to issue the Elderly Card?

The issuing of the elderly person’s card can be carried out online, through the official website dedicated to this purpose. The process is simple and quick, requiring just a few basic steps, such as:

Login to the government account;Authorization of access to personal data; eSelection of the document issuance option, enabling it to be printed or saved on the device.

Benefits and services offered

Possession of a senior citizen card guarantees a series of benefits and services that promote quality of life, such as:

Free access to transport between states.Discounts on tickets.Priority of service in public and private institutions.Discounts on cultural, sporting and leisure events.Easier access to social and assistance programs.Exemption from paying fees in public tenders.Priority in queues at banks, supermarkets and other establishments.

In short, for seniors aged 60 and over who have an active ID card, obtaining a senior citizen card is a right guaranteed by law.

Therefore, take advantage of the exclusive benefits and services offered by this document, thus ensuring a better quality of life and access to your fundamental rights.

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