Gas aid is about to FALL into the account; check the list of beneficiaries

Gas Aid promises relief in the budget of countless Brazilian families; Check out how to receive yours. Learn more about the payment schedule and eligibility criteria.

Good news: the gas aid promises to alleviate the budgets of thousands of Brazilian families in the coming days.

After all, who wouldn’t want some extra help keeping the kitchen running? In the following lines, we will unveil together this benefit that has caused everyone to talk. So follow along!

Receive up to R$102 to help pay for your gas cylinder with Gas Aid; See if you are one of the beneficiaries. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Gas aid CONFIRMED in February?

Imagine opening your bank account and finding a pleasant surprise: an extra amount intended for the purchase of your gas cylinder.

Well, that’s what’s going to happen to countless families soon. This is because the Federal Government, always attentive to the needs of the population, resumed Gas Aid.

In short, this initiative aims to support low-income families, ensuring that preparing meals does not add additional burden to monthly expenses.

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Will there be gas aid in 2024?

Launched during the pandemic, the gas aid became a relief for many and continues to be a helping hand in 2024.

To be eligible, you must be registered with CadÚnico, the Government’s radar to identify who most needs support. If you are part of this group, there is good news on the way!

This month, the benefit comes with a value of R$102, calculated based on the average price of a 13 kg cylinder. This aid will be delivered through digital social savings, via Caixa Tem.

Finally, to know when you will receive payment, it is essential to know the payment schedule, which follows the logic of the NIS (Social Identification Number).

Gas aid payment calendar in February

Final NIS 1: February 16; Final NIS 2: brought forward to February 17; Final NIS 3: February 20; Final NIS 4: February 21; Final NIS 5: February 22; Final NIS 6: February 23; Final NIS 7: brought forward to February 24; Final NIS 8: February 27; Final NIS 9: February 28; Final NIS 0: February 29.

Therefore, it is important to keep an eye on the date corresponding to the last digit of your NIS. This organizational measure guarantees effective distribution and avoids system congestion.

The importance of the benefit in 2024

In addition to making life easier for those in need, Auxílio Gás is an example of how small gestures can make a big difference.

By ensuring that families can cook their meals without worry, the program reinforces the importance of caring for the most vulnerable.

Furthermore, remember: regularly checking the calendar and keeping your CadÚnico registration updated is crucial to continue receiving this and other help from the Government.

In these challenging times, every help counts. Gas Aid is more than a monetary value; it is a sign of hope and solidarity.

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