FREE TV kit is being released to thousands of low-income Brazilians, check the requirements

The free TV kit is a benefit that thousands of people can receive, but not everyone knows the requirements. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention.

Exciting news for Bolsa Família beneficiary families: free access to more than 80 open TV channels!

This initiative, which aims to expand access to information and entertainment, is now available to families registered in the Cadastro Único, including those that are part of Bolsa Família.

If you’ve never heard of this benefit, it’s a good idea to run, as you may be entitled to it without even realizing it. Find out how to gain access!

You can get the free TV kit right now. Find out how to sign up to receive it! / Photo: publicity

How to request your free digital TV kit

The process to get your free kit is simple and convenient. Composed of a digital satellite dish, receiver, remote control with batteries and the necessary cables, the kit is a gateway to a vast world of television content.

And the good news is that you don’t need to buy a new TV; Replacing the antenna will be enough to capture the digital signal.

Scheduling and installing the free TV kit

To receive your kit, simply make an appointment by calling 0800 729 2404 or on the Siga Antenado website (

A specialized technician will come to your home to carry out the installation, which is completely free, as is the kit.

It is important to highlight that you do not need to hand over your old antenna; It is your responsibility to recycle old equipment.

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Why is the free TV kit important?

In short, because analogue channels will end. The shutdown of the analogue TV signal, initially scheduled for the end of 2023, was extended to 2025 by the Ministry of Communications.

This postponement is due to the need to guarantee the installation of digital transmitters in all cities, especially in smaller ones where there is not yet complete digitalization coverage.

The transition process to digital signal, which began in 2016, seeks to offer better image and sound quality to viewers, in addition to freeing up frequencies for other services, such as mobile telephony. Full digitalization is awaited to improve the television experience in the country.

A benefit beyond the monthly amount

In addition to the monthly financial aid, the free TV kit is an additional benefit that promotes digital and social inclusion, ensuring that families have access to a diversity of educational, informative and leisure programs, contributing to cultural enrichment and connection with the world. world.

Other benefits of registration

Furthermore, in addition to Bolsa Família, the Single Registry (CadÚnico) is the gateway to several other social programs. Benefits such as the Social Electricity Tariff, which offers discounts on electricity bills, and the Minha Casa Minha Vida Program, which facilitates the acquisition of your own home, are accessible through CadÚnico.

Aid programs such as the BPC (Continuous Payment Benefit) and the Elderly Card for free or discounted interstate transport also depend on this registration.

CadÚnico is essential for identifying and serving low-income families, ensuring access to public policies that promote a better quality of life.

How to register with CadÚnico?

Finally, to register with CadÚnico, go to the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) with personal documents from all family members, such as ID, CPF, voter registration card, and proof of residence.

The process involves an interview to collect detailed information about the family’s income and living conditions. After registration, the data is evaluated for inclusion in compatible social programs.

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