FREE tickets for the elderly and PWD, the government guaranteed: find out how to get them

Government has a new benefit for both groups! Find out everything about free tickets for seniors and PWDs, and check if you are eligible.

In a society where mobility is key to social inclusion, access to quality public transport emerges as a fundamental right, especially for the most vulnerable. Imagine, for a moment, the difference this can make in the lives of elderly people and people with disabilities (PWD).

It is precisely this freedom that the Brazilian government seeks to guarantee with a recent judicial measure. Do you want to know more details about this new development that is redefining the concept of accessibility and inclusion in Brazil? Keep reading!

More free tickets for THESE groups! Credit: plasticaxe.

Quality public transport is essential

Efficient and inclusive public transport is not just a matter of convenience, it is an essential pillar for social justice.

It provides autonomy, facilitates access to essential services such as health and education, and promotes active participation in society.

For elderly people and PWDs, this importance multiplies, making it an even more crucial issue of dignity and right to the city.

Justice guarantees free tickets for THESE groups

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) obtained a significant victory in a public civil action, with the aim of ensuring free and discounted interstate public transport tickets for the elderly and people with disabilities.

This decision, of national scope, marks an important advance in the fight for equal rights and accessibility for those who need it most.

The National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) was instructed to publish a resolution obliging concessionaires to also make free tickets available online.

The MPF’s action aimed to guarantee the application of free benefits and discounts, provided for by law, in a more accessible way and without the need to physically travel to points of sale.

The barrier to in-person purchasing

Previously, interstate public transport companies required the purchase of tickets in person, justifying the need to present documents proving age and income.

This requirement significantly limited access to the right to free tuition and discounts, especially for those with mobility difficulties.

Thus, the court decision recognized this inconsistency, pointing it out as a contradiction in relation to the rights of these citizens.

Free tickets and discounts: Rights of the elderly

The benefits of free tickets and discounts are guaranteed by Law 8,899/1994, for people with disabilities, and by Law 10,741/2003, aimed at the elderly.

Each company must provide two free seats per vehicle for citizens aged 65 and over, in addition to a minimum 50% discount after the free seats are occupied.

The new ANTT resolution expands the possibilities for requesting these benefits, allowing them to be made at third-party points of sale, physical, electronic or virtual, thus guaranteeing equal conditions for all users.

The impact of the measure for the elderly and PWDs

The Justice measure is nothing more than a milestone in social inclusion and accessibility in Brazil, guaranteeing elderly people and people with disabilities more autonomy and dignity.

Now, with the possibility of requesting free tickets online, the physical barrier that prevented many from fully exercising their rights has been significantly reduced.

It is an important step towards a more fair and equal society, where access to quality public transport is seen as a right for everyone, regardless of age or physical condition.

Make your rights count!

This development not only makes life easier for many Brazilians but also serves as a reminder of the crucial role that public transport plays in social inclusion.

By ensuring that seniors and people with disabilities can travel for free or at a discount, we are promoting a more welcoming and accessible society for everyone.

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