FREE rent and electricity bill? Check the rules to receive exemptions!

In 2024, will Brazilians really be able to guarantee free rent and electricity bills? Exemption exists, but several criteria must be met to obtain it.

Among the monthly expenses that weigh heavily on Brazilians’ pockets, the electricity bill and rent are certainly at the top of the list. Imagine, then, the possibility of having these costs reduced to zero.

It seems like a distant dream, but for some families, that dream is about to become a reality. Let’s break down the newly released rules for accessing these vital exemptions and how you can claim these benefits.

See how to guarantee free rent and electricity bills! Credit: Reproduction.

The weight of rent and electricity bills in the budget

Rent and electricity bills are among the biggest financial concerns for Brazilian families. After all, expenses are repeated every month.

These recurring expenses can consume a large portion of your monthly income, leaving little room for other essential needs.

In a challenging economic climate, finding ways to alleviate these costs can provide significant financial relief for many.

How to get a free electricity bill in 2024?

The Brazilian government, recognizing the need to support low-income families, created the Tarifa Social program.

This program, in force for 21 years, aims to guarantee access to electricity in an affordable way by exempting taxes and other amounts that fall on bills.

Who is entitled to the Social Electricity Tariff?

To be eligible for the Social Tariff and potentially access the free electricity bill, beneficiaries must meet certain criteria:

Have a monthly family income per person of less than half the minimum wage. Be registered in the federal government’s Single Registry (CadÚnico). Be receiving benefits from other specific social programs, such as Bolsa Família.

The discounts offered on the electricity bill vary according to the family’s monthly consumption and are structured into consumption ranges established by the program, ensuring that the lower the consumption, the greater the discount applied.

And the rent? How to guarantee exemption?

In addition to the electricity bill, there is also the possibility of rent exemption for families registered with CadÚnico.

To request this benefit, you must go to your local city hall or contact the federal government directly.

This benefit is aimed not only at low-income families, but also those affected by natural disasters or emergency situations.

Benefits request process

To request an exemption from your electricity bill or the benefit of free rent, the first step is to ensure that you are registered with CadÚnico.

This can be done at social assistance centers in your city or through other channels provided by the federal government.

Once enrolled, you can then check your eligibility for the programs and follow the necessary procedures to request exemptions.

Benefit makes a difference in monthly bills

The possibility of exemption from electricity bills and rent represents a valuable opportunity to alleviate the financial burden of many low-income Brazilian families.

By understanding the rules and application process, those eligible can take advantage of these benefits and significantly improve their financial situation.

If you believe you may qualify for these exemptions, don’t waste time and seek more information to guarantee your rights and contribute to the well-being of your family.

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