Free government digital antenna is now available; See how to apply TODAY

The initiative aims to distribute a digital antenna kit to low-income Brazilians. Find out how to apply and check the eligibility criteria.

Digital antenna is very useful these days. After all, it improves the sound and image quality of the television. Furthermore, it is compatible with the 5G signal emerging in Brazil.

Many Brazilian televisions need the new technology. However, not everyone has the financial means to bear the costs of changing antennas, as it is expensive.

The good news is that the Government itself offers free digital antenna to the population, as long as the family meets the eligibility criteria. Continue reading this article to find out who can request the benefit.

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Find out who can order the digital antenna kit

In accordance with the rules stipulated by the Federal Government, the benefit is intended for families registered in CadÚnico (Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government).

The advent of digital TV

The migration of the television signal from analog to digital represents an important technological advance, promising significant improvements in sound and image quality for viewers.

The transition to digital TV is also in line with the global development of communications infrastructure, including the implementation of 5G technology.

To facilitate this implementation, the C band traditionally used for TV transmissions was replaced by the Ku band.

However, this technological change left many families, especially those in socially vulnerable situations, on the sidelines, due to the incompatibility of their old equipment with the new signal.

Follow Antenado

Recognizing the need to promote digital inclusion, the government launched "Siga Antenado".

The program offers a digital antenna kit containing a state-of-the-art satellite dish, a digital signal receiver, a remote control with batteries and the necessary cables.

This kit is offered free of charge, allowing low-income families, who may have previously been excluded from the digital revolution, to now have access to superior quality television.


Interested parties must access the program’s official website, enter their identification data, such as the CPF or NIS of the person responsible for the family, to check their eligibility.

Once considered eligible, beneficiaries are instructed to complete a registration with their personal information and details about the antenna they currently have.

Access the website through this link:

Step by step for the request

Eligibility check: access the program’s official website and check if your family is eligible, using the CPF or NIS (Social Registration Number);Registration: complete the online registration, providing personal information and details about your current antenna;Confirmation: after request, wait for confirmation and additional instructions for installing the digital antenna kit.

It is worth mentioning that the service is completely free. Therefore, installation technicians should not make any type of charge to the population.

Challenges and opportunities

Although the distribution of the free digital antenna kit faces logistical and communication challenges, the potential impact on digital and social inclusion is immense.

By ensuring that low-income families are not left behind in the transition to digital TV, the program improves access to quality information and entertainment.

Furthermore, it also reaffirms the government’s commitment to reducing digital inequalities.

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