Free driving license for Brazilians; Sest Senat is offering 2 THOUSAND opportunities for categories D or E

Get your free driver’s license in categories D or E with SEST SENAT! Find out how to participate and expand your opportunities in the transportation market.

SEST SENAT, Social Transport Service and National Transport Learning Service, is calling on 2,000 Brazilian drivers to obtain a free National Driving License (CNH) in categories D or E.

This initiative aims to cover all costs related to changing the CNH category, in addition to providing specialized courses in transport regulated by the National Traffic Council (CONTRAN).

Changing your driver’s license category has never been so accessible! (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

SEST SENAT’s Mais Motoristas Program offers FREE change of driver’s license

In principle, the SEST SENAT More Drivers Program’s main objective is to prepare professionals for the constant changes and demands of the job market.

In other words, the idea is to contribute to increasing employability through training in courses that combine theory and practice in vehicles with advanced technology.

Selected drivers will have the opportunity to change their driver’s license category, moving from categories "AB," "B," "AC" or "C" to category "D" or "E."

Immediately after completing the category change, students will be able to choose one of the courses offered by the SEST SENAT Driver School, such as:

Transport of Dangerous Products; Indivisible Cargo; Collective Passenger Transport; orSchool Transport.

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Selection and documentation process

Namely, the third call for the SEST SENAT More Drivers Program selected 2,000 candidates to participate in this unique opportunity.

In short, those selected will receive an email with all the guidance and directions to register on the official SEST SENAT website and send the relevant documentation.

The documentation required to change your driver’s license category includes:

Identity Document (CNH);No Detran or medical record certificate;Certificate of Criminal History;Proof of Residence; eProof of Link with the transport sector, if you entered your CNPJ when registering.

Selected drivers must register and send documentation by February 2nd.

After sending the documentation, each SEST SENAT unit will begin the process of changing the CNH category according to the planned schedule.

Benefits of the Mais Motoristas Program for Free Driver’s License

In addition to the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license in categories D or E for free, the courses offered by the SEST SENAT Driver School provide comprehensive and up-to-date training for the job market.

Professionals who participate in the Mais Motoristas Program will be prepared to face the challenges and demands of the transport sector, in addition to having the skills to operate vehicles with high technology on board.

This training directly contributes to increasing the employability and professional development of drivers.

List of selected candidates

Check out the list of 2,000 candidates selected to participate in the SEST SENAT Mais Motoristas Program at:

A step towards new possibilities

In conclusion, the opportunity to obtain a driver’s license in categories D or E for free through SEST SENAT’s Mais Motoristas Program is an important step towards the professional development of drivers.

In addition to covering the costs of changing categories, the program offers specialized courses in transportation that add knowledge and value to participants’ CVs.

Therefore, don’t miss this unique opportunity to invest in your career as a driver and stand out in the job market.

Register and send your documentation within the deadline stipulated by SEST SENAT and take a step towards new possibilities and professional achievements.

For more information about the SEST SENAT Mais Motoristas Program and other opportunities offered by the institution, visit the official SEST SENAT website at:

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