Free driving license, exempt IPVA and discount on 0Km vehicles? Find out everything about what's new in 2024

According to Government rules, Brazilians who comply with the rules can receive discounts on their driver’s license, IPVA and car purchases.

In 2024, the government announced a series of new features for drivers. In general, there are government programs that guarantee the purchase of a new car for a group of the Brazilian population.

Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a CNH (National Driving License) completely free of charge, as long as the person meets the eligibility criteria.

Finally, Brazilians can also be exempt – totally or partially – from IPVA (Motor Vehicle Property Tax). Continue reading this article to find out who can access these benefits.

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The new car discount program for people with disabilities (PCD) offers exemptions from taxes and fees, with a good reduction in the final value of the vehicle.

Program benefits

The main benefit lies in the final value of the vehicle due to the tax exemption: IPI; ICMS; IOF; IPVA for the year of purchase and licensing fee.

Requirements to participate

To be entitled to the discount on a new car for PWDs, you must have a physical, visual, hearing, intellectual or multiple disability; proof by medical report issued by a doctor accredited by the SUS; not have another tax-exempt vehicle in your name in the last 3 years; have a gross monthly family income equal to or less than R$5,500.00.

Buying process

The process of purchasing a new car with a PCD discount is simple, by choosing the vehicle at the dealership and presenting supporting documentation. The exemption is requested by the dealership at the time of purchase.

The exemption can be consulted on the official websites of the Ministry of Economy; of Detran and the State Finance Secretariat of the PCD.

The choice of vehicle can be consulted on the website of the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Dealers (ABRACAVE).

CNH Social: free driver's license opportunity throughout Brazil

Now, several Brazilian states offer the CNH Social program, aimed at low-income families, which allows them to obtain their first driver’s license free of charge in categories A (motorcycle) and B (car).

Requirements to participate:

The requirements to participate in the CNH Social vary depending on the State, but generally include:

* Be a resident of the state;

* Have a per capita family income equal to or less than a certain value (generally between R$170.00 and R$200.00);

* Not have a driving license in any category;

* Be up to date with military obligations (for men);

* Have not committed serious traffic violations in the last 12 months.

The application process for the CNH Social also varies by state, but generally involves:

* Fill out a registration form;

* Present supporting documentation (RG, CPF, proof of income, proof of residence, etc.);

* Go through a selection process.

Benefits of CNH Social:

CNH Social offers several benefits, such as obtaining your first driver’s license free of charge; increased chances of entering the job market; social inclusion; improving people’s quality of life.

For more information about the Social CNH in each State, consult the Detran website or the Department of Social Development in your state.


The IPVA exemption, in general, is granted to vehicles that have been manufactured for more than 20 years. But the rule may vary from each state.

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