Flying taxi from China has REVEALED price: check the value!

Have you ever thought about riding in a flying taxi that will get you to your destination much faster? See how this new device works!

As children, we watched several cartoons that show that, at a certain point in the future, humanity will develop flying cars. However, it all seemed like just a child’s dream.

It turns out that a Chinese company is turning this possibility into reality and recently even announced the price of the car. Check out!

The flying taxi is a novelty that is attracting attention around the world. See more details about it! / Photo: publicity

First flying taxi is coming

Have you ever imagined crossing the city sky aboard a flying taxi? This futuristic vision is becoming reality in China, where the company EHang has revealed details of its EH 216, an electric vehicle that takes off and lands vertically (eVTOL), promising to revolutionize urban mobility.

With the promise of tried and tested commercial flights, let’s dive into this exciting new development.

Flying taxi values ​​revealed

Firstly, EHang, a Chinese startup pioneering urban air mobility, has just announced the retail price of its innovative eVTOL, the EH 216.

Ready for the revolution? The EH 216S commercial model is valued at around R$2 million for Chinese consumers, with sales expected to begin on April 1st.

This autonomous aircraft, equipped with eight pairs of propellers, is capable of transporting two passengers for up to 30 km, reaching a maximum speed of 130 km/h.

Everything ok so far!

From its debut at CES in 2016 to achieving official certifications from the Civil Aviation Administration of China in 2023, the EH 216 has proven its viability and safety for commercial operations.

Additionally, EHang has already conducted commercial flight demonstrations in cities such as Guangzhou and Hefei, highlighting the potential of eVTOLs in transforming urban air mobility.

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The new flying taxi is making waves! / Photo: XPeng

Test period worked perfectly!

Furthermore, during Phase 1 of the program, Midnight demonstrated remarkable efficiency, completed in just 3 months.

The Archer team focused on upgrading the battery system, increasing voltage and optimizing the vehicle for maneuvers, takeoffs and hovers in the air.

This testing period, therefore, was essential to validate Midnight’s performance, preparing it for the next phase, which will include flights with pilots and speed tests.

Possibility of more sustainable mobility

It is worth noting that Archer’s flying car, designed to transport four passengers, promises to transform trips of 60 to 90 minutes into journeys of just 10 to 20 minutes, with quick recharges between flights.

In addition to efficiency, Archer highlights sustainability and low noise as fundamental features of Midnight, pointing to a future where urban air transport can be a competitive alternative to land transport.

Why bet on the new flying taxi?

This unmanned eVTOL represents an important milestone in the mobility sector, offering a sustainable and efficient alternative for urban transport.

By pricing the EH 216S, EHang aims to meet growing market demands and drive the value of eVTOL technology.

Now, for innovation enthusiasts and those who dream of a future where the sky is an extension of our streets, the EH 216S is an invitation to be part of the air mobility revolution.

Availability soon

Finally, with Phase 1 validated, Archer is preparing for Phase 2, focusing on speed tests and cruise mode, where the vehicle will tilt its propellers forward, adopting a configuration similar to that of an airplane.

The goal is to have human pilots aboard Midnight in less than a year, with the ultimate goal of obtaining FAA certification for passenger flights, aiming to begin silent, electric air taxi service by 2025.

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