Fine-toothed INSS can save R$10 billion; find out which benefits can be cut

The INSS fine-tooth comb promises to save R$10 billion by cutting undue benefits. Find out how the new measures may affect sickness benefit and prepare yourself.

Did you know that INSS plans significant savings with new measures? Yes, we are talking about a value that reaches R$10 billion. But how will this be possible?

The Ministry of Social Security decided to tighten its belt. The idea is to comb the benefits granted even more rigorously.

This effort has one big goal: achieving an ambitious goal of zero deficit. A strategy that promises considerable changes in sickness benefit is among the actions. Find out more below.

Keeping an eye on the fine-tooth comb: INSS aims for great savings with significant changes in benefits. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

New INSS rules

The government’s big move is the implementation of Atestmed. This tool comes to revolutionize the analysis of benefits due to temporary incapacity. The best? Without the need for medical expertise.

With Atestmed, savings of up to R$5.6 billion are expected. This is because document analysis, based on medical certificates, speeds up the process.

And time is money, right? By reducing the "delay cost", the government saves money and also benefits the citizen, who receives payments faster.

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What is INSS Medical Expertise?

The examination constitutes an expert medical service, in which the INSS medical expert assesses whether the benefit should be granted, extended, terminated, referred for professional rehabilitation or converted into retirement due to permanent incapacity (disability retirement).

In this sense, INSS medical professionals will examine the patient’s clinical records, covering aspects such as physical health, history of injuries, emotional conditions, psychological complaints or disorders that may affect their functional capacity.

How does Atestmed work?

For those who need to request sickness benefit, the process has become simpler. Simply present complete documents, without erasures, and of course, with all the necessary information. That includes:

Personal data;Description of disability; eMedical recommendation for leave.

Intensification of the INSS fine-tooth comb

In addition to Atestmed, the fine-tooth comb on benefits will be intensified. In this way, the forecast is to save another R$1.8 billion with this action.

The focus? Combat fraud and improper beneficiaries, including deceased verification. All of this through digital processes and data crossing.

INSS fine-tooth comb: what to expect?

In general, these changes signal a new period of management and efficiency in Social Security.

Therefore, by implementing these measures, the government seeks to optimize resources and ensure the sustainability of the system. For citizens, it means more agile and less bureaucratic processes.

Is my benefit safe?

In conclusion, given these new developments, it is essential to pay attention to the rules and ensure that your documents are up to date. After all, with the INSS’s most severe fine-tooth comb, any slip-up could be a problem.

This moment of transformation at the INSS is an opportunity to rethink the management of social benefits. And you, what do you think of these changes? Are you prepared for the new Social Security scenario?

Finally, remember: being informed is the first step to guaranteeing your rights. And in this new INSS context, knowledge is more than necessary, it is essential!

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