Find out which MEI class is required to pay R$169.44 per month; We explain the calculation here!

In 2024, MEIs face an important update in contribution rates, with a significant increase for a specific category. Discover the details of this change.

The world of entrepreneurship is constantly evolving, and with it, regulations and tax obligations also change.

For the Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), staying up to date with these changes is crucial for the financial and legal health of your business.

In 2024, there was a significant update in the monthly contribution amounts for MEIs. Let’s explore these changes and focus on the category that now faces the cost of R$169.44 per month. Look!

Stay up to date with the new contribution rules for MEIs in 2024, including an increase for a specific category, now with a rate of R$169.44. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

MEI has new monthly contribution value

Did you know that the value of the monthly MEI contribution was recently updated? Now, in 2024, individual entrepreneurs face new values.

Therefore, if you are an Individual Microentrepreneur (MEI), pay attention! This is because the monthly contribution amount has undergone changes.

For the majority, it increased from R$66 to R$70.60. This value represents 5% of the current minimum wage. But, do you know the exception?

For MEI truck drivers, the contribution rose to R$169.44 per month, a 6% jump compared to the R$158.40 valid in 2023. This corresponds to 12% of the minimum wage. So why this increase?

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Why should MEI contribute monthly? And how to contribute?

Payment of this contribution is essential. It guarantees social security benefits such as retirement, sick pay and more. Paying on time is more than an obligation, it is an investment in your future.

Namely, the contribution is collected through DAS. But, did you know that depending on your activity, there may be additions?

For MEIs that operate in commerce or industry, R$1 is added. For service providers, it is R$5 more.

Entrepreneurs who combine these activities, pay attention! The increase will be R$6. Thus, in 2024, a general MEI pays between R$71.60 and R$76.60 per month.

Furthermore, depending on the activity, prices vary. They can range from R$170.44 to R$175.44. But, do you know when to pay? The DAS expires on the 20th of the month. And the payment options are varied:

Boleto;PIX;Automatic debit and more.

Until when do I need to regularize or join Simples Nacional?

By January 31st, you must regularize or join Simples Nacional. This special taxation regime is aimed at small companies, with revenues of up to R$81 thousand annually.

Some discussions propose increasing this limit to R$144 thousand. For now, no changes for 2024.

If you have not exceeded the ceiling of R$81,000, you do not need to renew your registration. Otherwise, you will need to change your regime.

For new companies, adherence to Simples Nacional must be completed within 30 days of opening the CNPJ.

And pay attention, indebted MEIs: debts lead to automatic exclusion from Simples Nacional and Simei from January 1st.

What about the annual declaration?

In principle, every MEI must declare the previous year’s revenue by May 31st. Delay results in a fine. Also remember the obligation to issue invoices.

Since September 2023, the issuance has been through the national system, no longer via city hall websites.

Finally, it is clear that MEI Truck Driver is the class that pays the most, R$ 169.44 per month. And don’t forget: being up to date with your obligations is crucial.

So if you are MEI, stay informed and regular. Your business future will thank you!

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