Find out when going through a red light is NOT an infraction: you won't believe it

Did you know that there is a specific situation in which running a red light is not an infraction? Find out more about this exception in the Brazilian Traffic Code and drive with more knowledge and safety.

Imagine driving late at night, the streets almost deserted, and you come across a red light. The temptation to move forward may be great, but you know that this is a very serious infraction.

Or maybe not always? Surprisingly, there are times when running a red light is not only permitted, but also covered by the law.

Let’s unveil together this curiosity about the Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) that can change the way you see traffic lights.

Understand the CTB rule that allows you to turn right at a red light under certain conditions. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

When is running a red light not an infraction?

Most of the time, obeying red lights is a basic principle of traffic, crucial to ensuring safety on the roads.

Violating this rule implies a very serious infraction, with a penalty of seven points on the National Driving License and a significant fine.

However, the CTB provides an interesting exception that allows, in a specific case, to proceed at a red light.

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The law and right conversion

This exception is outlined in article 44-A of the CTB, which authorizes right turns at a red light, if there is a sign indicating such action.

These signs, usually with the inscription "free right", are your free pass to turn right, even with the traffic lights closed, without this constituting an infraction.

Driver care and responsibility

Even with this legal permission, it is essential that drivers proceed with caution, checking the intersection before proceeding to avoid collisions.

This rule serves to ensure that, even with the exception, traffic safety is maintained. Remember, outside of this specific situation, running a red light remains a serious infraction.

Myths and truths about night and red lights

Many drivers mistakenly believe that it is acceptable to run red lights during the early hours of the morning, mainly for safety reasons.

However, this practice is not generally legally accepted. Certain cities may have local regulations that allow this action at specific times, but this is the exception, not the rule.

Run red lights for better traffic flow and emergencies?

A common misconception is that it is permissible to run a red light to facilitate the flow of traffic or allow emergency vehicles to pass.

However, these situations are still considered infractions, and drivers should be aware of this.

The importance of adequate signage

Traffic signs play a crucial role in guiding drivers and ensuring safety. In addition to the "free right", other signs and signals also provide essential information for safe driving.

Therefore, it is vital for drivers to understand and respect these signs to keep traffic flowing safely and efficiently.

Traffic knowledge and safety

In short, the general rule is clear: proceeding at a red light is a very serious infraction, with the exception only for signalized right turns.

This knowledge not only helps you avoid fines, but also contributes to safer traffic.

Finally, as drivers, our role is to always be informed about traffic laws and practice responsible and safe driving.

This way, we guarantee not only our safety, but also that of everyone around us.

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