Find out TODAY (15/02) if your CPF was rewarded for being placed on invoices during January

Your CPF on the January invoices may have been awarded! Check it out now and see if you are one of the lucky ones who will start the year off on the right foot.

When we talk about including the CPF in the note, many of us only think about the tax benefits or the possibility of long-term returns.

However, the game changed, and the month of January brought a silent but extremely profitable revolution for participants in the CPF na Nota program.

This is a unique chance to guarantee an extra amount. Not bad, right? Discover the main details of this initiative with and stay informed.

Check today if your CPF was awarded for including it in your invoices in January. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

CPF Program on Invoice rewards citizens across Brazil

Imagine discovering today that this simple act of including your CPF on your invoices during your purchases in January could have been your ticket to an instant reward.

Yes, this golden opportunity existed and continues to exist, transforming the shopping routine of thousands of Brazilians into an exciting treasure hunt.

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R$708.4 thousand in prizes

Previously, waiting for 30 daily prizes was the maximum that could be achieved in the CPF na Nota program. However, January brought news: the number of awards soared to 2,603 ​​per day!

This meant a notable increase in the chances of being awarded simply for doing something we already do: buying.

The distribution of these prizes was as follows: three lucky people won R$500, one hundred people took R$50, one thousand pocketed R$10, and one thousand and five hundred participants received R$5 each.

Namely, with this simple change, the total value distributed in prizes reached the mark of R$708.4 thousand in January alone.

How to participate in the CPF in the Tax Invoice?

The digital era brought with it facilities and the CPF na Nota program adapted to this new reality. The need to keep paperwork or request a printout of the invoice has become a thing of the past.

Now, with a simple gesture of reading invoices through a dedicated application, participating has become more practical than ever.

This technological advance was reflected in a substantial increase in participation, with 1.1 million people registering invoices through the app in January.

The significant growth in participation in the program highlights the public's acceptance and enthusiasm.

Social and fiscal impact

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the individual benefits, including the CPF in the note has a broader positive impact.

In short, this practice strengthens fiscal transparency and combats tax evasion, benefiting the State and society as a whole.

Fernando dos Santos, coordinator of Nota Fiscal Gaúcha, highlights the importance of this gesture for everyone involved, highlighting how simple actions can have major repercussions.

Where is the CPF na Nota program?

The program is not limited to one region; it transcends state borders. In addition to Rio Grande do Sul, where the program has a strong presence, participants from 14 other states received awards.

This shows that CPF na Nota is a nationwide initiative, with winners from 529 different cities, including the vibrant Porto Alegre.

How to participate in the CPF in the Note?

Participating is easy: sign up for the program, include your CPF in the note during your purchases and track it through the app.

Rewards are instantaneous, and the application works as a digital wallet for your invoices, offering a friendly and efficient user experience.

Raffles and prizes

The system generates random numbers for the draws, creating a unique combination per participant. If your combination is among those drawn, the reward is yours, immediately informed by the application.

And for those who have not yet been included, hope is renewed with each purchase, as unclaimed prizes are redistributed in future draws.

Finally, don’t leave until tomorrow the chance to find out if you were one of January’s lucky ones. Inserting the CPF on the note not only helps combat tax evasion, but it can also be surprisingly profitable.

So, check it out today on the program app and good luck!

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