Find out TODAY (15/02) if you can still collect the School Supplies Card worth up to R$ 320.00

The School Supplies card can be a good surprise for families who need financial assistance when going back to school. However, it is important to pay attention to the rules.

At the beginning of each school year, a common concern among families is purchasing school materials. They can be too expensive, especially at this time.

Understanding the difficulties and needs of families, the state government offers a helping hand: the School Material Card. Check below who can receive this aid and until when it will be available to families!

Need financial assistance when going back to school? See if you are entitled to the School Supplies Card! / Photo: publicity

A commendable initiative

The School Material Card is a light at the end of the tunnel for many families registered in the Single Registry, offering up to R$320 to help with the purchase of school materials.

Initially, this aid is aimed at children between 4 and 17 years old, enrolled in the public education network, ranging from special early childhood education to secondary education. The price varies: R$320 for younger students and R$240 for high school students.

How do I receive the School Supplies Card?

To benefit, you must be registered in the Single Registry. Not yet? Run to the nearest CRAS!

After registering, keep an eye on the card withdrawal calendar, published by the Department of Social Development.

Collection takes place at accredited stationery stores, upon presentation of an identification document and, if applicable, the card from the previous year.

Access for the poorest

In addition to making life easier for students and their families, the School Material Card boosts the local economy, benefiting stationery stores in the Federal District. It is a chain of good that extends throughout the community.

And there’s more: many families also seek information about Bolsa Família, which in 2024 brings new features such as extra payments for low-income children and young people, as well as extra support for pregnant women.

In short, this combination of aid reinforces the commitment to education and the well-being of Brazilian families.

The School Material Card is an accessible initiative

The School Supplies Card is a brilliant example of how public policies can make a difference in people’s lives.

It is an initiative that embraces education, offering equal opportunities for all. How about spreading this news and helping more families discover this path to affordable education?

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Benefits beyond the School Supplies Card

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education (MEC) has just announced a major step towards educational support with the launch of the Nestlé program. This program promises to combat school dropout and open doors to the future of many young people.

How does Nest Egg work?

Pé-de-meia is an initiative that provides a scholarship for high school students from public schools.

In short, the idea is simple: encourage students to complete their studies, offering savings of up to R$9,200 for those who complete three years of high school and participate in the ENEM.

Who can participate?

Students aged 14 to 24, enrolled in high school or in the Youth and Adult Education (EJA) program in public schools, are eligible.

Furthermore, having a family registered in the Cadastro Único increases the chances of receiving the benefit, especially for those whose families are beneficiaries of Bolsa Família.

How to sign up?

Don’t worry about bureaucracy! The MEC will select eligible students based on data provided by schools and the Single Registry. Therefore, remember that having an active CPF and being registered with CadÚnico are essential requirements.

Payment amounts and stages

Finally, the program is divided into several stages, each with its own financial incentive, including benefits for enrollment, attendance, completion of the year and participation in ENEM.

In this way, this structure helps to ensure that support is continuous and meaningful throughout the student’s educational journey.

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