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Crucial increase in INSS and double salary: How does this change affect you and your employees? Find out more about the Institute’s news.

The INSS is a fundamental institution in Brazil, responsible for administering the General Social Security Regime and guaranteeing the payment of pensions for millions of Brazilians.

Recently, the INSS took a measure that surprised many, directly impacting the lives of several taxpayers.

This is a crucial increase with double salary, an initiative that aims to accelerate service to policyholders and provide significant financial benefits for the agency’s employees.

INSS surprises with important measure: Double salary and financial incentives. See how this could impact your pension. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The INSS and the pressure for change

The crucial increase in the INSS and the implementation of the double salary were the result of increasing pressure, largely attributed to President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

The government and INSS recognized the need to act in view of the huge waiting list, made up of around 1.8 million requests awaiting analysis.

Given this scenario, the Institute decided to increase the number of daily processes that each server can handle, going from 6 to 15 processes.

In principle, this change is part of the new Social Security Queue Combating Program (PEFPS).

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Financial incentives for servers

Namely, in addition to accelerating service to policyholders, INSS plans to motivate its employees through financial incentives.

These incentives can result in a double salary for many employees, with the possibility of earning up to R$10,064 more per month.

In this sense, this measure aims to recognize and reward the efforts of INSS professionals who work tirelessly to process benefit requests.

Prioritization of processes

To ensure an effective approach, INSS is prioritizing processes based on waiting time. This means that only orders with a waiting time of more than 45 days are currently being reviewed.

Older processes are also receiving special attention, as these policyholders have been waiting longer for their benefits.

This strategy aims to significantly reduce the waiting list and speed up service.

Update of contribution salaries

Finally, for policyholders who will benefit from the INSS increase and double salary, it is important to keep their data up to date.

You can do this easily by checking your work and social security links that are registered in the National Register of Social Information (CNIS).

This update can be carried out conveniently online or at one of the Social Security Agencies.

Therefore, it is crucial to closely monitor these significant changes to the INSS, as they can directly affect your financial life and access to social security benefits.

Stay tuned for updates and take advantage of the benefits provided by this initiative from the National Social Security Institute.

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