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Payment of Bolsa Família starts today, 16/02: see if you are eligible for the complementary benefits. Plan your month with payment dates and understand how to receive it.

In a world filled with uncertainty, some things bring a sigh of relief and hope. Today, February 16, 2024, marks the beginning of one of these occasions: the payment of Bolsa Família, an essential program for millions of Brazilians.

At this moment, each beneficiary asks themselves: "Is it my turn to receive it?" And the answer is starting to unfold now, with the first group of payments being released. Continue reading and find out more.

Find out everything about the start of Bolsa Família payments in February 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How to receive Bolsa Família on time?

First of all, you need to know the payment schedule. This is because it offers each family the ability to organize themselves, plan their finances and, thus, breathe more easily.

For those whose NIS ends in 1, this relief begins today, February 16, with the certainty that financial support is on the way. See the schedule:

NIS Finished in Data Day of the week
1 February 16 Friday
2 February 19 Monday
3 February 20th Tuesday
4 February 21st Wednesday
5 February 22 Thursday
6 February 23 Friday
7 February 26th Monday
8 February 27th Tuesday
9 February 28th Wednesday
0 February 29th Thursday

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What benefits make up Bolsa Família?

The Bolsa Família program is a mosaic of support, with different benefits that adapt to the varied needs of Brazilian families.

From the Citizenship Income Benefit (BRC), which guarantees R$142 per member, to the Extraordinary Transition Benefit (BET), each component is a key piece for family well-being.

The complementary benefits are especially significant, ensuring that no family receives less than R$600, a measure of financial security for many.

Who is entitled to Bolsa Família?

To access Bolsa Família benefits, families must meet specific criteria, mainly in the areas of health and education.

School attendance, prenatal care and adherence to the vaccination schedule are some of the pillars that support this program.

It is a reciprocal commitment: while the government offers financial support, families commit to practices that promote a healthier and more educated future for their members.

Prepare to receive

If you are a beneficiary, this is the time to check the last digit of your NIS and prepare. If your day hasn’t arrived yet, get organized.

After all, these payments are more than financial assistance; They are an investment in the future of Brazilian families and, by extension, the country itself.

Payments start TODAY

Finally, the payment of Bolsa Família today is a reminder of the importance of social support. For many, it is the difference between uncertainty and stability.

So, are you ready to find out if you will receive additional benefits? Take advantage of this opportunity to reinforce your family’s financial security.

Therefore, stay informed, plan and use the resources available to improve your quality of life and that of those you love.

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