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Take advantage of the opportunity to access financial assistance of R$6,210.00 through Caixa Tem, available for a limited time. Check your eligibility and make sure you don’t miss this chance before April 18th.

Imagine having the opportunity to access significant financial assistance in a time of need.

For many Brazilian citizens, this possibility has become reality. After a devastating storm at the beginning of the year, a light appeared at the end of the tunnel: the withdrawal of R$6,210.00 by Caixa Tem.

Those impacted by natural disasters have the chance to access emergency aid of R$6,210.00 through Caixa Tem. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Who can receive R$6,210.00 through Caixa Tem?

First of all, it is important to highlight that this is an opportunity for the residents of Porto Alegre.

In short, this emergency aid, approved by the federal government, targets inhabitants of the areas most damaged by the storm.

To find out if you are eligible, one simple step is required: providing personal data such as name, telephone number and address.

Once this information has been validated, the city hall will confirm your right to withdraw via WhatsApp. But be careful: the deadline to withdraw the amount from Caixa Econômica Federal is April 18th.

So don’t miss this chance!

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Eligibility criteria: who is entitled to the benefit?

The selection of beneficiaries is careful. Only residents of 16 Participatory Budget (OP) regions, with a Municipal Human Development Index (IDHM) below 0.9, are qualified.

The aim of this measure is to alleviate the consequences of torrential rains, supporting families facing vulnerabilities.

Understand the connection between Saque Calamidade, FGTS and Caixa Tem

Emergency aid is linked to the FGTS, offering a special rescue for those facing personal emergencies due to natural disasters.

The release of withdrawals takes place under conditions of public calamity or emergency decreed by the local government.

Disasters such as floods, floods, hail, tornadoes and dam collapses are on the list of events that activate this assistance.

Porto Alegre: a resilient community in the face of natural challenges

Namely, the January storm in Porto Alegre was a reminder of the challenges posed by natural disasters.

However, initiatives such as the emergency withdrawal through Caixa Tem reflect the public authorities’ commitment to supporting the population.

Furthermore, it is crucial that residents know and seek this benefit, a financial boost in the face of adversity.

A window of hope for Porto Alegre

The government’s action, in response to adverse climate events, is an example of how emergency support can be a pillar of support for many families.

Therefore, if you are from Porto Alegre and experienced the impacts of the recent storm, check your eligibility to withdraw R$6,210.00 through Caixa Tem.

Take a step towards recovery. Be sure to check if you are part of this privileged group and assert your right.

The Porto Alegre community shows, once again, its strength and resilience in the face of adversity, counting on the support necessary to move forward.

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