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Who can receive the R$100 Pix at Caixa Tem? See what the payment is about, and check all the criteria for receiving the amount in your account.

With exciting news for Caixa Tem users, Caixa Econômica Federal announced the release of a PIX worth R$100 to a selected list of lucky CPFs.

This benefit comes at an opportune time, offering welcome financial relief and increasing the purchasing power of beneficiaries. Check below to see if you can receive it!

Everything about the R$100 Pix at Caixa Tem! Credit: plasticaxe.

What is Caixa Tem for?

Caixa Tem is a digital solution created by Caixa Econômica Federal, designed to democratize access to banking services and transactions.

Through this application, users can manage a free digital account, make online purchases, make various payments, transfer money and access a series of social benefits, making financial inclusion a more tangible reality.

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In addition to the R$100 Pix: The benefits of Caixa Tem

In addition to the long-awaited PIX of R$100, Caixa Tem stands out for offering a range of extra benefits, especially for those registered with CadÚnico.

Among them are the Citizenship Income Benefit, which adds R$142 per family member, and the Complementary Benefit, ensuring that no family receives less than R$600.

Other benefits include the Early Childhood Benefit, the Family Variable Benefit for pregnant women and young people, and the Nursing Family Variable Benefit, in addition to the Extraordinary Transition Benefit, guaranteeing the continuity of aid until May 2025.

What is the R$100 Pix at Caixa Tem?

The highlight of the moment is the release of the R$100 PIX for Caixa Tem users registered with CadÚnico this February. We are talking, of course, about gas aid.

This gesture is an integral part of the Vale Gás program, established in 2020, with the purpose of supporting low-income Brazilian families in purchasing a 13-kilogram gas cylinder (LPG).

To receive this additional benefit, it is essential that family data is updated in the Single Registry, essential for the selection and identification of beneficiaries of social programs.

Payment calendar – When does Pix hit the account?

The PIX payment of R$100 follows a specific calendar, distributed according to the end of the beneficiaries’ Social Identification Number (NIS).

To access and enjoy this and other benefits offered by Caixa Tem, simply download the app and follow the instructions to set up the digital account. The application is intuitive and was designed to make it easier to carry out financial transactions quickly and securely.

Below, you can check all the dates for PIX deposits of R$100 at Caixa Tem, according to the calendar published by the Government:

NIS finished 1:16 FebruaryNIS finished 2:19 FebruaryNIS finished 3:20 FebruaryNIS finished 4:21 FebruaryNIS finished 5:22 FebruaryNIS finished 6:23 FebruaryNIS finished 7:26 FebruaryNIS Ended 8:27 FebNIS Ended 9:28 FebNIS Ended 0:29 Feb

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Have you already withdrawn your payment?

The R$100 PIX at Caixa Tem is a welcome initiative that promises to bring financial relief to many Brazilians.

In addition to this benefit, the application continues to offer a series of advantages and facilities, reinforcing Caixa Econômica Federal’s commitment to financial inclusion and social support.

Check if your CPF is among those covered and get ready to take advantage of this and other opportunities that Caixa Tem has to offer.

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