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Many people don’t know, but they have the right to receive free IPTU. The tax exemption is useful for some specific cases and eases your pocket.

The Urban Property and Territorial Tax (IPTU) is an annual reality for urban property owners, but did you know that some people are entitled to exemption from this tax in 2024?

By exempting certain annual taxes, it is possible to obtain financial relief that can make a difference in your bills. Check out the rules for this benefit!

Did you know that you can be entitled to free IPTU? Find out the rules for benefit exemption! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the IPTU payment for?

In principle, IPTU is a fee charged annually by city halls to owners of urban properties, whether residential, commercial or land.

In short, its main function is to raise financial resources for the municipality, which will be used to benefit the local community.

IPTU money is essential to finance a variety of public services and infrastructure, including street and road maintenance, public lighting, education, health, security, and leisure areas such as parks and squares.

Other features of the tax

Furthermore, IPTU plays an important role in regulating urban development, encouraging the appropriate use of properties and helping to prevent real estate speculation.

Therefore, IPTU is not just a tax obligation for property owners, but a direct investment in the quality of life and well-being of the local population.

Who can be free from IPTU?

The IPTU exemption generally benefits:

Retirees and pensioners: firstly, those who depend on a fixed monthly income often have this tax relief; Lifetime monthly income beneficiaries: then, it also includes those who receive INSS benefits; Individuals with Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC): for Finally, it considers those who receive financial support due to disability or advanced age.

Criteria for exemption

Furthermore, to be eligible for exemption, it is necessary:

Own only one property; The property must not exceed a value pre-determined by the local city hall.

Remember, these criteria may vary depending on municipal legislation, so it is essential to consult your city’s Municipal Finance Department for precise information.

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Pay attention to deadlines and penalties

Not paying IPTU can lead to a series of negative consequences for the property owner. Initially, fines and interest are charged on the amount owed, increasing the debt over time.

Prolonged default can lead the city hall to register the debt in active debt, a registry of defaulters in the public sector, which further complicates the owner’s financial situation.

Additionally, the municipality may initiate tax foreclosure proceedings, which may result in the seizure of assets to guarantee payment of the debt.

Extreme cases

In extreme cases, the property may be put up for auction to pay off the amounts owed. IPTU default also affects the ability to carry out negotiations involving the property, such as sales or financing, as the debts must be paid off for such transactions to be carried out.

Therefore, it is essential to keep IPTU payments up to date to avoid legal and financial problems.

How to request the exemption?

Now, if you believe you are entitled to IPTU exemption in 2024, don’t waste time. Contact your city hall, gather the necessary documentation and request the exemption.

However, remember that each municipality has its own rules and procedures, so it is important to seek specific guidance.

Free IPTU could be a reality for many in 2024. If you meet the exemption criteria, take advantage of this opportunity to alleviate your annual expenses and invest in what really matters to you and your family.

Be sure to check your rights and contribute to the community in a conscious and responsible way!

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