Find out exactly which documents will be needed to report your IR in 2024

The IR declaration in 2024 is almost here and those who are going to carry out the procedure cannot make mistakes when submitting documents, or they could suffer consequences.

The Income Tax (IR) declaration period always brings with it a load of responsibilities and doubts. The year 2024 will be no different.

Therefore, preparing adequately is essential to avoid setbacks. This is because, if there are errors, a retraction is necessary. Understand everything below!

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Knowing the IR rules in 2024

First of all, it is crucial to understand who is required to declare income tax in 2024.

In general, if you received taxable income above the limit established by the IRS in the previous year, prepare to declare it. This includes salaries, rents, income from financial investments, among others.

Documentation required for IR in 2024

In short, organization is the keyword when we talk about IR. Having all the necessary documents on hand will make the process immensely easier. Here’s a list so you don’t forget anything:

Income report provided by the paying source; Documents proving the purchase and sale of goods and rights; Receipts for medical and educational expenses, which may be deductible; Proof of social security contributions, official or private.

In addition, there is also a list of personal documents:

Voter registration; CPF of spouses, dependents and support (in the case of payment of alimony); Address; Occupation.

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Golden tips for an error-free declaration

Update your data: make sure your registration details are up to date with the IRS. This includes address, family and banking situation;Use technology to your advantage: IRS software and applications can greatly simplify your life. The declaration generator program and the My Income Tax application are your best friends during this period; Don’t leave it until the last minute: avoiding a last-minute rush means avoiding mistakes. Start preparing your statement in advance.

What if I make a mistake with IR in 2024?

Mistakes happen, but the important thing is to correct them quickly. This way, if you notice any mistakes after submitting your declaration, you can rectify them.

The rectifying statement is the way to correct information and avoid problems with the fine mesh.

What does falling into the fine mesh mean?

In short, fine mesh is a Federal Revenue verification process that occurs when the information declared in Income Tax presents inconsistencies, raising doubts about the veracity of the data.

This can happen due to filling errors, omission of income, discrepancies between what was declared and information from third parties, among other reasons.

How to get out of the fine mesh?

To get out of the fine mesh, it is necessary to check the declaration extract on the e-CAC portal (of the Federal Revenue Service), identify the errors highlighted and send a rectifying declaration with the necessary corrections.

In some cases, it may be necessary to present supporting documents to the IRS to justify the information.

Preparation is everything!

Finally, declaring income tax in 2024 does not need to be a big deal. With preparation, organization, and attention to detail, you can fulfill this obligation without stress.

So, remember that being up to date with Leo also means ensuring your financial and legal peace of mind.

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