find out exactly WHEN you can withdraw from the Institute

The organization’s complete and updated calendar is now available! We show you everything you need to know about INSS payment in February 2024.

The month of February is getting closer and closer, and in this scenario, beneficiaries of the National Social Security Institute (INSS) are starting to ask themselves: "When exactly will I be able to withdraw my benefit?"

Fortunately, the payment dates have already been announced, bringing clarity and peace of mind to millions of Brazilians who depend on these amounts for their livelihood. To check them out, just read our article below!

Check out the INSS payment calendar in February! Credit: plasticaxe.

Find out more about INSS benefits

The INSS is responsible for paying a wide range of benefits, ranging from different types of retirement (due to age, disability, etc.) to benefits such as sickness benefit, prisoner benefit, pensions, family and maternity allowance and insurance. -defense.

The municipality also pays assistance aid, such as the Continuous Payment Benefit of the Organic Social Assistance Law (BPC/LOAS) for some groups of insured people.

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February INSS payment already has a date

For the month of February, payments of benefits from the National Social Security Institute will begin to be made from the 23rd.

It is estimated that approximately 39 million benefits will be distributed, including both assistance and social security payments.

How are payments divided?

The exact date on which each beneficiary will be able to withdraw depends on the value of the benefit and the end of the benefit number, disregarding the check digit.

For benefits up to one minimum wage, the dates vary according to the last digit of the benefit number. The same can be said about subscribers who receive more expressive amounts.

INSS Calendar – February Payment

Now that you know some details about the INSS deposit in February, here are the detailed dates so you know exactly when your payment will be available.

Firstly, we have the schedule for beneficiaries who receive only 1 minimum wage:

Ending 1: February 23rd Ending 2: February 26th Ending 3: February 27th Ending 4: February 28th Ending 5: February 29th Ending 6: March 1st Ending 7: March 4th Ending 8: March 5th Ending 9: March 6th Ending 0: March 7th March

Below, we also have the INSS calendar for beneficiaries who receive larger amounts, up to the ceiling:

Finals 1 and 6: March 1Finals 2 and 7: March 4Finals 3 and 8: March 5Finals 4 and 9: March 6Finals 5 and 0: March 7

How to check the INSS payment statement?

For policyholders who wish to check detailed information about their payments, INSS offers the possibility of accessing the statement through the Meu INSS application or the website (, using the account.

In addition to the payment dates, it is possible to consult the benefit payment statement, the amounts to be received, and perform other related services.

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Keep an eye on the calendar!

The INSS payment calendar for February has already been defined, bringing predictability for beneficiaries to plan their finances.

With payment dates clearly established, it is possible to organize financial commitments and ensure peace of mind throughout the month.

If you are an INSS beneficiary, mark these dates on your calendar and get ready to receive your benefit without any worries.

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