FGTS releases withdrawals and Brazilians are already CELEBRATING the extra money today (22/02)

FGTS withdrawal now allows withdrawals in the birthday month, a chance to have extra money! See how you can benefit from this option and improve your finances.

Today is a big day for many Brazilians! The FGTS, one of workers' main allies, brings exciting news.

Imagine having extra money in your birthday month. Sounds like a gift, right? Well, since 2019, the FGTS has offered the birthday withdrawal, an option in addition to the traditional withdrawal-termination.

This modality allows you to withdraw a portion of your FGTS balance annually in the month of your birthday. After all, who doesn’t like a financial treat on this special date? Find out more below.

The FGTS birthday withdrawal brings joy with extra money on special dates. Understand how to access this benefit and plan an even happier birthday. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

FGTS birthday withdrawal released!

First of all, you need to pay attention. This is because opting for the birthday withdrawal means giving up the full withdrawal in the event of unfair dismissal.

It is, therefore, a choice that requires reflection. Furthermore, changing your mind has its rules, with a 25-month grace period to reverse the decision.

How to receive extra money through the FGTS birthday withdrawal?

Eligibility for the birthday withdrawal is very simple. If you have a formal contract and FGTS balance, you are in the game.

In this sense, simply access the FGTS application and select the birthday withdrawal. Remember, the request must be made by the last day of your birthday month to enjoy it in the same year.

And there’s more! The list of beneficiaries of the anniversary loot is growing. Keep up to date with the Caixa calendar so you don’t miss your withdrawal date.

After all, this extra money can be a relief or even the fulfillment of an old wish.

Money in hand, smile on face

Imagine the possibilities with that extra money. Whether to pay off debts, invest in a dream or simply for a well-deserved moment of leisure, the birthday withdrawal arrives like a light breeze in times of need.

So, how about checking your FGTS balance and considering this option? The choice is yours, but the time is now.

Take advantage of this opportunity to boost your financial health and, perhaps, celebrate your birthday with a special gift, courtesy of the FGTS.

Why consider the FGTS birthday withdrawal?

Extra Money on your Birthday: Who doesn’t want a financial surprise on your special month?Flexibility: The withdrawal option adjusts to your needs and future plans.Financial Autonomy: The decision to withdraw promotes control over your finances.Investment Opportunity: Use the extra value to invest in your dreams or projects.

Finally, remember, information is the key to wise financial decisions. The birthday loot could be the boost you’ve been waiting for.

Evaluate, decide and, perhaps, celebrate. FGTS is here to add to your financial journey.

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