FGTS can guarantee TOTAL withdrawal of the balance, understand the adjustment

Many people may need additional money and don’t know where the value can come from. This is where the possibility of withdrawing the FGTS in full comes in.

A new development in the world of FGTS promises to change the lives of thousands of Brazilian workers. With a recent update to legislation, it is now possible to withdraw your account balance in full, a measure that brings financial relief and more flexibility for many.

This way, those who need money urgently can be a little more eager, as there are problems that can be resolved with the new resolution. Understand!

Needing money is something that no one likes, but fortunately this problem is solved with the FGTS. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

How does the FGTS work nowadays?

In principle, the FGTS (Service Time Guarantee Fund) is a benefit for Brazilian workers with a formal contract.

Every month, employers deposit 8% of the employee’s salary into an account at Caixa Econômica Federal in the worker’s name.

In this sense, the FGTS serves as a financial reserve for specific situations, such as unfair dismissal, retirement, purchasing your own home, among others. Resources are protected and grow with interest and monetary correction over time.

Understand the new FGTS withdrawal rules

Until then, workers were limited to specific types of withdrawal, such as termination withdrawal and birthday withdrawal.

With the new regulations, the possibility of accessing the total accumulated value opens up, an especially welcome alternative in times of need.

Birthday withdrawal and termination withdrawal: what changes?

The termination withdrawal, traditionally linked to unfair dismissal, and the birthday withdrawal, an option that allows annual withdrawals in the holder’s month of birth, remain valid.

However, the new measure adds a layer of freedom, allowing, under certain conditions, the worker to opt for full withdrawal.

How to access your FGTS

For those who want to take advantage of the new modality, it is recommended to download the FGTS application (Android: or iOS: where it is possible to manage withdrawal options.

The transition between modalities must be made with caution, considering the grace period for changes and the specific conditions of each one.

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The future of birthday loot

There are rumors that the birthday withdrawal modality may be revised or even abolished by the current government, which reinforces the importance of being up to date with FGTS laws.

This is a crucial time for workers to understand their rights and the best ways to access their resources.

How does the modality currently work?

The birthday withdrawal is an optional modality of the FGTS that allows workers to withdraw part of their account balance once a year, in the month of their birthday.

By opting for this modality, the worker waives the right to withdraw the full balance in the event of unfair dismissal, maintaining only the 40% termination fine.

The withdrawal percentage varies depending on the account balance, with an additional fixed installment added. Membership takes place through the FGTS application or through Caixa Econômica Federal service channels.

Be aware of your rights

The relaxation of FGTS rules is encouraging news, offering more control over one’s own resources in times of financial stress.

With the new changes, it is essential that workers are informed and prepared to make the best decisions regarding their withdrawals.

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