Few people know these 3 traffic OFFENSES; they can catch you off guard!

Some traffic violations can cause a big headache, even if they are rare. Either way, it’s good to know them to avoid them.

The Brazilian Traffic Code (CTB) is full of regulations that aim to ensure greater safety on the roads, however, some lesser-known infractions can surprise drivers.

Among them, three stand out which, although not commonly discussed, can result in fines and points on the driver’s license. Therefore, check below what these infractions are!

Some traffic violations are more unknown, but that doesn’t mean you’re free from committing them. Check out! / Photo: publicity

Traffic violations that may catch you by surprise

In principle, there are some traffic violations that can cause drivers to end up getting fines without realizing it. See below which ones are less famous!

Wetting pedestrians or throwing debris

Firstly, driving the vehicle through puddles of water close to pedestrians, getting them wet, or throwing debris out the window are actions that constitute medium infractions, with a fine of R$ 130.16 and an increase of four points on the driver’s license, according to the article 171 of the CTB.

Incorrect transport of objects

Next, carrying objects inappropriately, such as on your lap or between your arms and legs, is another average infraction, punishable by a fine of R$130.16 and four points on your license.

Legislation requires that objects be stored safely, preferably in the trunk, so as not to pose a risk in the event of an accident.

Exceeding the maximum capacity of the vehicle

Finally, driving a vehicle with a load above the permitted limit is considered a serious offense, with a fine of R$ 195.23, five points on the driver’s license and the possibility of retaining the vehicle for investigation. Respecting the weight limit is essential for traffic safety and the integrity of the vehicle.

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Pay attention to these traffic violations!

These infractions highlight the importance of knowing traffic rules in depth, avoiding behaviors that, in addition to generating penalties, compromise the safety of everyone on the roads.

Common traffic violations during Carnival

Now, there are some fines that you can easily acquire during Carnival. Therefore, be aware of the risks!

The first of these is driving under the influence of alcohol, a very serious infraction that compromises safety, resulting in a high fine and suspension of the driver’s license; Another common infraction is parking in prohibited locations, due to the large number of vehicles in party areas, which which can obstruct roads and hamper the flow of traffic; Finally, speeding is also among the most frequent infractions, with drivers often speeding up so as not to miss any moment of the festivities, putting their own lives and those of others at risk.

It is essential to respect traffic laws to guarantee a safe and joyful Carnival for everyone.

What happens if I don’t pay the fines?

Failure to pay a traffic fine can have serious consequences for the driver. Initially, the value of the fine increases due to interest and monetary corrections.

If the debt persists, the offender’s name may be included in active debt, leading to negative status on the defaulter register, such as SPC and Serasa.

Furthermore, the renewal of the vehicle’s licensing is prevented, resulting in the vehicle being seized during inspections.

In extreme cases, the debt can generate a tax foreclosure process, where assets can be seized to pay off the debt. Therefore, it is crucial to settle outstanding fines to avoid these complications.

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