Federal Revenue auction has cell phones starting at R$250.00; find out how to participate

The Federal Revenue auction takes place several times and always presents items that would normally be expensive at more affordable prices. Recently, another one started.

The IRS is bringing an incredible opportunity for those who want to purchase cell phones from renowned brands at below market prices.

Normally, some devices arrive in Brazil at very high prices, but the auction is an opportunity to obtain these items at affordable prices.

Generally, both individuals and companies can participate in acquisitions, which are almost ready to begin. Come find out more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to participate in the new Federal Revenue auction, which features several devices! / Source: Federal Revenue

New Federal Revenue auction

The next auction, which starts on Wednesday, the 21st, features 100 lots that include smartphones from Samsung and Xiaomi, as well as other curious items such as cars and pedal boats.

With starting bids starting at a mere R$250, this is a golden chance. This way, anyone interested in the items can start setting aside a little money to purchase them.

How to participate in the Federal Revenue auction

In principle, participating in the auction is simple and completely online. Interested parties need to access the Federal Revenue website (with their gov.br login and search for the electronic auction option.

Once there, just choose the lots of interest and place your bids. The auction will be open until February 28th, with the bidding session scheduled for the 29th.

Where do the IRS auction items come from?

In summary, the Federal Revenue obtains items for auction mainly through seizures at ports, airports and borders.

These seizures generally occur when goods are imported illegally, without paying due taxes or in violation of customs legislation.

In addition, products abandoned or unclaimed within the period stipulated by the Revenue are also sent to auction.

In short, the objective is to recover part of the taxes owed and provide a useful destination for these items, which range from electronics and vehicles to various consumer goods.

Can I buy items to resell?

Items that buyers purchase at Federal Revenue auctions can, indeed, be turned into sales by the successful bidders. After purchase, the new owner has full rights to the item, including the ability to resell it.

However, it is essential that the sales process complies with applicable tax obligations and regulations, such as issuing an invoice, if necessary.

This transaction must be carried out in accordance with current commercial and tax laws, ensuring the legality of the resale of products purchased at auctions.

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Diversity of items

In addition to cell phones, participants will find a variety of products, from Apple MacBooks with starting bids of R$2,500 to vehicles such as the 2021 Chevrolet Onix, starting at R$40,000.

This is a chance to not only acquire cutting-edge technology at an affordable price, but also to explore a diverse range of products under advantageous conditions.

So, don’t miss this chance to do good business with the security and reliability that an Federal Revenue auction offers.

Can I view the items before the auction?

Finally, to view the items before participating in the Federal Revenue auction, interested parties have the option of examining the lots by prior appointment.

This process takes place between February 19th and 23rd, during business hours, at the locations specified in the auction notice.

Where to see Federal Revenue auction items?

The addresses for viewing are distributed in several cities in the state of São Paulo, including Araraquara, Bauru, Campinas, Santos, among others.

For the visit, individuals must present an official document with a photo, while legal entities must bring the articles of incorporation or an equivalent document, in addition to an identification document of the responsible partner or legally constituted attorney.

This inspection opportunity allows participants to evaluate items in person before placing their bids in the auction.

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