Federal Government publishes list of pharmacies that are distributing

Find out how the Federal Government is providing free access to sanitary pads in accredited pharmacies, promoting health and dignity for women in vulnerable situations.

Accessibility to menstrual hygiene products is a fundamental issue for women’s health and dignity.

Unfortunately, many face difficulties obtaining sanitary pads, which can result in serious health problems and embarrassment.

Recognizing this need, the Federal Government launched a program to distribute free sanitary pads through accredited pharmacies. Find out more details below.

Discover the Federal Government program that offers free sanitary pads in pharmacies. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Federal Government will distribute FREE sanitary pads

The distribution of free sanitary pads by the Federal Government is an important step towards guaranteeing women’s basic rights.

The initiative aims to reach a wide spectrum of beneficiaries, including low-income public school students, homeless women and those in conditions of extreme vulnerability.

By providing free access to sanitary pads, the program seeks to combat so-called "menstrual poverty", a reality that affects millions of women across Brazil.

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How can I guarantee a free sanitary pad?

To guarantee access to the benefit, beneficiaries must present a personal identification document and the ‘Menstrual Dignity Program Authorization’.

Namely, this authorization can be obtained digitally or printed through the ‘Meu SUS Digital’ application.

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that minors under 16 must be represented by a legal guardian during the process of obtaining the benefit.

Where to collect the free sanitary pad?

The list of accredited pharmacies, published by the Federal Government, indicates the establishments where free sanitary pads are available for collection.

These pharmacies are located in different regions of the country, facilitating access for beneficiaries to the program.

Therefore, it is important that interested parties check the list of pharmacies to find the closest one and collect the pads.

To find out which pharmacies are accredited, visit: https://curtlink.com/VoNK

Discover My Digital SUS

In short, the Meu SUS Digital application is nothing more than a comprehensive platform of health solutions.

Initially designed for issuing the Covid-19 vaccination certificate, the application has evolved to become a multifunctional platform. Through Meu SUS Digital, you can:

Evaluate the care received in a Basic Health Unit; View your clinical histories; Issue documents and certificates; eAccess multiple health apps in one place.

Additionally, one of the notable additions in the new version is the Menstrual Dignity program, designed to address period poverty.

For the first half of 2024, new features are planned for the tool, such as electronic prescription of medicines and issuance of medical and dental certificates.

The application is powered by information from the National Health Data Network (RNDS), ensuring the safe, complete and auditable sending and receipt of health information.

Menstrual Dignity

In conclusion, the distribution of free sanitary pads by the Federal Government is a measure that aims to promote the health and dignity of Brazilian women.

In this sense, by providing free access to menstrual hygiene products, the program seeks to reduce social inequalities and ensure that all women have access to essential items for their health.

Finally, publishing the list of accredited pharmacies represents an important step in implementing the program, facilitating beneficiaries’ access to free sanitary pads.

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