Feature allows you to CHOOSE how much you want to pay for an app trip

Negotiate the price of your app trip with the new 99Negocia category and enjoy more flexible urban mobility adapted to you.

Imagine having the power to negotiate the price of your next app trip. This is the innovative proposal of the new 99Negocia category.

In this digital environment, flexibility and personalization are taken to another level, providing a unique experience for both passengers and drivers.

Want to know more about this revolution in the way we view urban transport? So, read on and find out!

99 presents 99Negocia, allowing you to set the price of your ride. Experience the flexibility and convenience of negotiating your trips. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

99Negocia INNOVATED the app journey

99Negocia brings a different approach: instead of a fixed price, it offers the possibility of direct dialogue between those who offer and those who need the race.

This means more control in your hands, allowing you to adjust the value according to your possibilities and expectations.

But how does this work in practice? When requesting a ride through the 99 app and choosing the 99Negocia modality, you enter a negotiation field.

Here, you can suggest the price you think is fair for the trip. The driver, in turn, has the freedom to accept your offer, refuse or even counter-offer.

The final agreement reflects a harmony of interests, ensuring satisfaction on both sides.

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After all, when to use 99Negocia?

Special Events: Ever find yourself at a crowded event struggling to get fair transportation? 99Negocia is the perfect solution for these moments, allowing you to negotiate a price that makes sense in the context of the event. Long Trips: Those trips that seem endless can now have a more friendly cost. Negotiate a price that is worth it for you and the driver, considering the distance and time invested. Frequent Use: If you are one of those who cannot live without a travel app, you will love the chance to negotiate prices that better fit your budget daily.

More than an app trip, an experience adapted to the Brazilian reality

99, with its Brazilian DNA, recognizes local needs and brings solutions that speak directly to the hearts of our people.

The company’s presence in numerous cities across the country is a testament to its commitment to connecting people and destinations in an effective and accessible way.

With 99Negocia, this connection takes on a new meaning, where flexibility and negotiation come into play to further enrich your travel experience.

By introducing 99Negocia, the company not only offers a new way of thinking about ride-hailing, but also reaffirms its commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction.

This modality is an invitation for passengers and drivers to take an active role in setting prices, making each trip a unique and personalized experience.

List of 99Negocia benefits

Flexibility: You have the freedom to suggest the price you believe to be fair.Direct Negotiation: Clear and direct communication between passenger and driver.Mutual Satisfaction: Fair prices that meet the expectations of both sides.Adaptability: Ideal for different situations, from events even long trips.

In short, 99Negocia is more than a simple feature; is a new philosophy in app transportation.

Offering a more human, flexible experience adapted to individual realities, it redefines the concept of urban travel.

So give it a try and see how negotiation can transform your routine trips into more enjoyable and fair journeys.

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