Extra PIX for Bolsa Família beneficiaries? Lula confirms 2 unexpected turns in the PROGRAM

Find out more about the revolutionary changes to Bolsa Família announced by Lula, including an extra PIX and a new payment schedule.

Recently, President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva surprised by announcing two significant changes to Bolsa Família, aiming to revolutionize social assistance.

One of the new features involves the implementation of an extra PIX exclusive to beneficiaries, promising greater agility and efficiency in payments.

Furthermore, a second change in the payment method is also on the agenda, promising to bring even more convenience to users. Check it out below.

Discover the unexpected turns in the Bolsa Família program, with emphasis on the extra PIX and the updated payment calendar. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

PIX Extra from Bolsa Família in February

Namely, one of the innovations most awaited by Brazilian citizens is the extra PIX from Bolsa Família for this month.

This is an additional amount of R$102, coming from Caixa Tem, intended to subsidize the purchase of cooking gas.

This initiative, known as Auxílio Gás, aims to offer additional financial support to low-income families.

To qualify for Gas Aid, candidates must be registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) and meet specific per capita family income criteria.

The benefit is available bimonthly through a PIX transaction at Caixa Tem, adjusted according to the average price of a 13kg gas cylinder.

February payment calendar

This month’s Bolsa Família payment began last Friday (16), benefiting around 21 million families.

Deposits, under the responsibility of Caixa Econômica Federal, follow a calendar organized according to the final NIS number.

Therefore, check out the Bolsa Família payment calendar for the month of February below:

February 16: NIS ending February 117: NIS ending February 220: NIS ending February 321: NIS ending February 422: NIS ending February 523: NIS ending February 624: NIS ending February 727 February: NIS ending in 828 February: NIS ending in 929 February: NIS ending in 0

How to avoid blocking Bolsa Família?

To avoid blocking Bolsa Família, it is essential to meet the conditions established by the program and keep the registration updated. So, here are some useful tips:

Meet the eligibility criteria, ensuring that your per capita family income is within the limits determined by the government. Keep your registration information updated in CadÚnico, including data on family members, income and socioeconomic conditions. Comply with the program’s conditionalities, such as school attendance of children and adolescents, and health monitoring. Furthermore, pay attention to the deadlines for updating registration and complying with the conditions established by the program, avoiding missing important deadlines that could result in the benefit being blocked.

Finally, with these measures, it is expected to guarantee greater efficiency and access to Bolsa Família benefits, thus promoting a better quality of life for millions of Brazilians.

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