EXTRA payment of Bolsa Família to holders in 2024: check the requirements

Find out everything about the EXTRA payment of Bolsa Família in 2024 and discover the requirements to access these additional benefits. Discover the extra programs offered and guarantee financial support for your family.

Since its creation, Bolsa Família has played a crucial role in reducing poverty and promoting social inclusion in Brazil.

In 2024, the program continues to surprise holders with additional benefits, highlighting the extra payment that has been made available, bringing financial relief to millions of families.

This additional payment, known as Vale Gás, is just one of several extra benefits offered by the program. See below.

Discover the details of Vale Gás and other additional benefits available to Bolsa Família beneficiaries in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Bolsa Família FEBRUARY: extra payment CONFIRMED

In addition to the R$600 minimum payment, Bolsa Família has provided some of its beneficiaries with an extra amount, which represents significant help in times of financial difficulty.

This February, the highlight is the resumption of Vale Gás, a bimonthly benefit that aims to help families purchase cooking gas, an essential item in the household budget.

Vale Gás, whose national average value for a 13 kg gas cylinder is set at R$102, is deposited into the Caixa Tem social savings account, following the payment schedule established for Bolsa Família.

This measure aims to ensure that aid reaches beneficiaries in an effective and timely manner, providing them with greater financial security and improving their quality of life.

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Other extra benefits

In addition to Vale Gás, the Federal Government offers a series of other additional benefits to Bolsa Família beneficiaries.

However, to access these extra benefits, it is necessary to meet the inclusion criteria for each additional program.

Keeping the Single Registry (CadÚnico) updated is essential to ensure continued receipt of these benefits, in addition to avoiding undue cuts or suspensions.

Among the extra programs offered by Bolsa Família, we highlight the Citizenship Income Benefit, which adds R$142 per family member, and the Complementary Benefit, which complements the payment of families whose combined benefits do not reach R$600.

There is also the First Childhood Benefit, which grants R$150 per month for each child aged zero to seven. Furthermore, the Family Variable Benefit provides an additional installment of R$50 for pregnant women and young people aged 7 to 18.

Other benefits include the Nutriz Family Variable Benefit, which offers an extra R$50 for each family member up to seven months of age.

Finally, there is the Extraordinary Transition Benefit, available until May 2025, ensuring that no beneficiary receives less than what is granted in Auxílio Brasil.

Bolsa Família calendar for February 2024

Final NIS: 1 – payment on 16/2Final NIS: 2 – payment on 19/2Final NIS: 3 – payment on 20/2Final NIS: 4 – payment on 21/2Final NIS: 5 – payment on 22/ 2Final of NIS: 6 – payment on 23/2Final of NIS: 7 – payment on 26/2Final of NIS: 8 – payment on 27/2Final of NIS: 9 – payment on 28/2Final of NIS: 0 – payment on 29/ two

Take advantage of the EXTRA payment of Bolsa Família in February

In short, the extra Bolsa Família payment in 2024 represents important financial support for millions of families across Brazil.

In addition to Vale Gás, a series of other extra benefits are available to program beneficiaries, all designed to promote social inclusion and the well-being of families in situations of socioeconomic vulnerability.

Ensuring access to these benefits requires attention to the inclusion criteria of each additional program and the updated maintenance of CadÚnico, thus providing a broader and more effective social protection network for those who need it most.

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