Exclusive tips for WITHDRAWING your FGTS get it now!

Withdrawing the FGTS can be very useful for those who have outstanding debts. Here are some tips to do it!

In the current scenario, where every dollar makes a difference, countless people are looking for efficient ways to access their financial resources. One of the most debated topics is the quick withdrawal of the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS).

Fortunately, there is a way to withdraw FGTS in less than an hour, through companies known for their fast service and excellent customer service. Let’s see how to do it?

Needing extra money for any reason? See how to withdraw your FGTS to help you with this! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is FGTS?

Firstly, the FGTS is a benefit created to protect Brazilian workers fired without just cause.

It works like a forced savings account, where employers deposit 8% of the employee’s salary into an account at Caixa Econômica Federal in the worker’s name, every month.

This amount, monetarily adjusted and with interest, can be withdrawn in specific situations, such as unfair dismissal, retirement, purchase of your own home, among others.

Who can withdraw the FGTS?

In short, all workers governed by the CLT (Consolidation of Labor Laws) are entitled to the FGTS, including rural workers, temporary workers, casual workers, harvest workers and professional athletes.

Public servants and domestic workers are also entitled to the FGTS as long as there is a contribution from the employer.

Quick solution for FGTS withdrawal

As previously stated, there is a practical approach to withdrawing FGTS quickly. To do this, it is important to carry out the process through the bank of your choice, as long as it focuses on this type of solution.

The first step is to access your bank’s link and request a conversation with the attendant. Some options also allow contracting via internet banking.

Next, it is necessary to download the official FGTS application (Android: or iOS: and opt for the birthday withdrawal method, which allows annual withdrawals of a portion of the balance.

The process includes authorizing banks to consult the FGTS balance and select financial institutions to release the funds, even without having an account with them.

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Ease in the palm of your hand

This methodology not only offers a practical way for Brazilian workers to access their resources, but also highlights the importance of specialized services, which ensure quick and safe access to labor rights.

What types of FGTS are available?

Finally, there are several different types of Guarantee Fund withdrawals, but some are more popular. See three types of FGTS.

Withdrawal-termination, allowing full withdrawal in the event of unfair dismissal; Birthday withdrawal, which allows the annual withdrawal of a portion of the available balance, with the worker giving up the full withdrawal in the event of dismissal; Withdraw to purchase your own home, where the balance can be used to buy, build or pay off housing financing debts.

Each of these modalities was created to meet different worker needs, offering flexibility and financial support at important moments in life.

And what is the 40% FGTS fine?

Finally, the 40% FGTS fine is a worker’s right in the event of unfair dismissal.

For example, when the employer terminates the employment contract unilaterally, without the employee having committed serious misconduct, he is obliged to deposit 40% of the total amount of FGTS accumulated during the work period into the employee’s FGTS account.

This measure aims to provide additional financial support to the unemployed worker, in addition to the FGTS balance he already has, helping him to face the transition period until he finds a new job opportunity.

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