EXCLUSIVE benefit for seniors without contributions to the INSS; earn up to R$1.4 THOUSAND

Elderly people who have never contributed to the INSS are also entitled to receive some amounts from the institute. See what it’s all about!

The rule is clear to everyone who knows the National Social Security Institute (INSS): no one can receive any amount from the body without having contributed. Well, at least that’s what many believe!

In fact, there is an exclusive benefit that encompasses two groups of beneficiaries and that could very well help with monthly payments. Check out!

You are elderly and have never contributed to INSS° See what benefit you can receive anyway! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

INSS payment for those who do not have a contribution?

At first, something that many do not know is that the local authority is responsible for paying an important benefit to those who have never contributed: the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC).

In short, it is aimed at seniors aged 65 or over and people with disabilities of any age, both in a situation of social vulnerability, with a per capita family income of less than 1/4 of the minimum wage.

How to access BPC?

Now, to register, you must be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico).

The request can be made through the Meu INSS app or website (by selecting the "New Request" option and following the instructions for "Assistance Benefit".

It is important to keep the data updated in CadÚnico to facilitate the benefit analysis and approval process.

INSS facilitates BPC request

The INSS has news for BPC beneficiaries, guaranteeing a minimum wage for seniors aged 65 and over and people with disabilities, without the need for a prior contribution.

The big news is the simplification of the BPC request and verification process, now more accessible through the CPF.

How do I know I received the BPC?

Furthermore, monitoring the progress of the request is easy and can be done through the Meu INSS application, where it is also possible to schedule medical evaluations and exchange documents.

Alternatively, the query can be made over the telephone, calling 135, or directly on the Social Security website (providing the CPF number.

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Expansion of BPC by INSS

It is worth noting that the INSS plans to expand the reach of the BPC, aiming to benefit a greater number of elderly people and people with disabilities throughout the national territory.

A commission has already approved the change, which proposes raising the per capita income limit for families with disabled members, allowing an income of up to one minimum wage. The proposal still needs to be approved in other legislative stages before becoming official.

Always update your INSS data

Furthermore, to avoid setbacks and guarantee access to benefits, the INSS reinforces the importance of keeping data always up to date, especially in the Single Registry.

The update facilitates the identification of beneficiaries and speeds up the BPC granting process.

Enjoy your rights!

These new developments represent a significant step by INSS towards greater social inclusion and ease of access to its services.

With simplified processes and the possibility of expanding the BPC, the INSS reaffirms its commitment to ensuring rights and providing more effective support to those who need it most.

INSS beneficiaries will receive in February

Finally, BPC recipients, like other INSS beneficiaries, receive payments monthly according to a calendar. Check out.

One salary

Here, for example, come those who receive the BPC, which has installments equivalent to a minimum of R$1,412:

Final 1: February 23; Final 2: February 26; Final 3: February 27; Final 4: February 28; Final 5: February 29; Final 6: March 1; Final 7: March 4; Final 8: March 5th;End 9: March 6th;End 0: March 7th.

More than one salary

Here those who have higher values ​​receive, even if they are in a few reais:

Finals 1 and 6: March 1;Finals 2 and 7: March 4;Finals 3 and 8: March 5;Finals 4 and 9: March 6;Finals 5 and 0: March 7.

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