enjoy the festivities and enjoy the benefits of being a customer!

Nubank customers can now enjoy Carnival with much more security, as the fintech has just launched a new feature to protect them.

In times of festivities, digital security becomes an even greater concern for those who just want to enjoy themselves without any unforeseen events. For this reason, it is good to be able to trust the services you use.

With this in mind, Nubank, always at the forefront of digital financial solutions, brings new features that promise to be the security fantasy that every reveler deserves.

Nubank will release a new type of protection for customers during Carnival. See how to gain access! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Reinforced security at Nubank

Carnival is synonymous with joy, but also a warning for those who want to protect their finances from possible mishaps.

Nubank introduced "Carnival Mode", an evolution of the already known Street Mode, which establishes spending and transfer limits, ensuring that the fun does not exceed budget limits.

Scare-proof innovation

The new feature that comes to reassure festive hearts is the "Me Roubaram" feature.

An agile and effective tool, allowing customers to quickly block their cell phones and cards in the event of theft, avoiding major headaches.

Protection pack: the digital bodyguard

In addition to the reinforcement on the streets, Nubank launches the "Protection Pack", a set of security features that uses artificial intelligence to detect and block suspicious transactions, keeping users’ money safe from scams.

How to activate Nubank’s Carnival mode?

Activation is simple and quick: just access your profile in the app, go safely and configure Carnival Mode, defining the limits that suit your party rhythm.

Therefore, only transactions within these parameters and on authorized Wi-Fi networks will be allowed.

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Adoption speaks for itself

During Carnival 2024, more than 750,000 Modo Rua activations were recorded, showing that digital security is already part of the preparations for the party.

The greatest adoption came from users between 25 and 44 years old, demonstrating awareness of the importance of keeping finances safe even in periods of relaxation.

With these new tools, Nubank reaffirms its commitment not only to innovation, but also to the safety and well-being of its customers.

Carnival Mode and the Protection Pack arrive so that the only concern during the festivities is to enjoy every moment. And you, have you activated your safest way of enjoying Carnival?

How to open an account at Nubank?

Furthermore, opening an account with Nubank is a simple and completely digital process, perfect for those looking for practicality.

First, download the Nubank app (Android: or iOS: When opening it, select the option to create an account and enter your personal details, such as name, CPF and email.

After filling out, wait for the registration analysis. Nubank is known for its agility and, if approved, you will have immediate access to your account, being able to use it directly through the app, with all the features available to manage your money in an intelligent and efficient way.

How to request a Nubank card?

Finally, to request the Nubank card, after opening your account, access the cards section in the application. Check the available options and choose the Nubank card you want to request.

Fill in the necessary additional information and wait for the credit analysis. If approved, your card will be sent to the registered address, ready to be unlocked in the app and used for your purchases.

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