'Enem dos Concursos' closes registrations TODAY (09); There's still time!

Last few hours to register for the ‘Enem dos competições’, a unique chance to join the federal public service. Find out how to participate and secure your professional opportunity!

Today is the last day to guarantee your participation in the "Enem dos Concursos", an innovative initiative that has revolutionized the way Brazilians seek opportunities in the public service.

With registrations closing on February 9th, this is the crucial moment for those who want a placement in one of the 21 participating federal government agencies.

Imminent closing of registrations for the ‘Enem dos competições’: your gateway to vacancies in federal agencies. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Enem of competitions: registration closes TODAY

Since its launch, "Enem dos Concursos" has attracted significant attention.

And no less. After all, the event proves to be an attractive and efficient alternative for millions of Brazilians seeking professional and salary stability.

With the proposal to simplify the selection process and increase candidates’ chances of success, this model has gained space and recognition across the country.

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Democratizing access to public services

Throughout the registration period, more than 2 million people have already registered to participate in this event.

This significant number reflects Brazilians’ confidence and interest in this new approach to public tenders.

In fact, from now on, the idea is to further democratize access to federal positions and promote the inclusion of different professional profiles.

Opportunities for EVERYONE

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that "Enem dos competições" adopts an inclusive and diverse approach.

This is because, in addition to including professionals with degrees in various areas, the event also offers opportunities for those who have completed high school.

In this way, the Federal Government expands the range of eligible candidates and promotes greater equity in access to public positions.

What is the registration fee for the Enem exams?

With affordable registration fees, from R$60 for secondary level and R$90 for higher education, the "Enem of competitions" also stands out for its place reservation policy.

Furthermore, in order to guarantee greater representation, 5% of vacancies are reserved for people with disabilities (PCDs), 20% for black people and, in Funai positions, 30% for indigenous people.

Schedule and important information

By browsing the table of available positions, candidates will be able to check details about vacancies, number of opportunities and starting salaries.

This transparency and clarity of information are fundamental characteristics of the selection process, which aims to ensure informed and conscious participation by candidates.

However, it is necessary to pay attention to the schedule established for the event so as not to miss any deadlines.

After registration closes, the publication of final data, confirmation cards and the administration of tests will take place on specific dates, as detailed below:

Disclosure of final registration data: 02/29/2024Disclosure of confirmation cards: 04/29/2024Application of tests: 05/05/2024Disclosure of results: 06/03/2024 (objective and preliminary tests of discursive and writing tests)Disclosure end of results: 07/30/2024Start of call for tenure and training courses: 08/05/2024

Questions and complaints channel

To clarify doubts or make complaints, the Ministry of Management provides an official service channel via email: Concursonacional@gestao.gov.br. Also visit the official website.

Finally, if you haven’t signed up yet, don’t miss this unique opportunity to participate in the "Enem of competitions" and take an important step towards your professional stability. There is still time!

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