Elderly people from all NIS will be surprised by the decision that is ALREADY in force TODAY (16/02) by the INSS

The Ministry of Social Security (MPS) made an important announcement to INSS beneficiaries regarding the thirteenth salary in 2024. Check it out.

This week, the Ministry of Social Security made an important announcement for seniors who receive INSS (National Social Security Institute) benefits regarding the payment of their thirteenth salary.

The benefit is paid every year. Since 2020, the Federal Government has brought forward the Christmas bonus, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. President Lula (PT) took the same position in 2023.

Many Brazilians, therefore, hope that the Federal Government will bring forward the thirteenth INSS salary in 2023. Continue reading this article to find out what the Ministry of Social Security and the INSS said on the topic.

INSS has surprising news for the elderly – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

After all, will the Government advance INSS payments for the elderly in 2024?

In a turn of events that surprised many, elderly INSS beneficiaries face a significant change in the 13th salary payment schedule for the year 2024.

This change, imposed by the Ministry of Social Security, profoundly alters the financial dynamics of these individuals, requiring new planning and adaptation.

When will the 13th of retirees come out in 2024?

Historically, payment of the 13th salary was expected in the first half of the year, bringing financial relief in challenging times.

However, the new schedule establishes that payments will be made in two installments, specifically in the months of August and November.

For those who earn up to the minimum wage, the first installment will be made available between August 26th and September 6th, with dates varying depending on the last digit of the registration number.

Those with benefits above the minimum wage will receive the first installment between September 2nd and 6th, following the same distribution logic.

The second installment, in turn, will be paid between November 25th and December 6th, again with dates defined by the end of the registration number.

This adjustment to the calendar implies a need for greater financial organization on the part of the elderly.

Financial impact and adjustments to the value of the 13th Salary

In addition to the changes in dates, the value of the 13th salary was also adjusted, reflecting the increase in the minimum wage.

This adjustment guarantees a financial increase for retirees and pensioners, in recognition of the importance of aligning benefits with current needs.

Benefits excluded from the 13th Salary

It is crucial to highlight that not all INSS benefits are eligible for the 13th salary.

Benefits such as the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) and Lifetime Monthly Income are outside this scope.

To stay informed about payments, beneficiaries can use the Meu INSS application, which offers features to check benefit dates and amounts.

Access the app via the Apple Store, Google Play Store, or through this link: https://meu.inss.gov.br/#/login.

What is the value of the 13th?

The value of the INSS thirteenth salary may vary. In fact, the beneficiary receives the same as in other months. In other words, anyone earning a minimum wage, for example, will be able to count on a Christmas bonus of the same amount.

As already mentioned, the benefit is paid in two installments. Therefore, it is divided into two times.

Finally, it is important to clarify that there are Federal Revenue discounts, made in the second installment.

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