Elderly people can receive 5 COMPENSATIONS in Brazil: know your rights!

Discover the five main compensation benefits that benefit the elderly in Brazil and find out how these rights can improve their quality of life. Get informed and guarantee your legal benefits now.

Reaching old age in Brazil brings with it a wave of legal benefits that often go unnoticed. At age 60, life offers not only wisdom and experiences, but also significant legal advantages.

Among these, five compensations stand out that can make a big difference in the daily lives of elderly people. In this panorama of rights and exemptions, it is essential that elderly people and their families are well informed.

After all, knowing these rights is the first step to fully enjoying them. So, let’s dive into this universe of benefits that await our dear elderly people.

Elderly people are entitled to compensation that can ease their budget and make daily life easier. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

5 IDENTIFICATIONS for elderly people in Brazil

See the list:

1. IPTU exemption: a relief at home

Imagine living in your home without worrying about property taxes? For many elderly Brazilians, this is a reality.

Depending on the city, seniors aged 65 and over, with an income of up to two minimum wages and who use the property as their main residence, may be exempt from this tax.

A real relief in the budget that allows you to breathe financially.

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2. Free bus trips

Traveling around Brazil free of charge is a privilege for seniors. Interstate transport companies reserve two free seats per trip for those over 60 years of age.

If these spaces are already occupied, there is still a 50% discount waiting. Simply present a photo ID and proof of income to guarantee the tour.

3. Free public transport

In addition to interstate travel, the daily lives of elderly people are also facilitated by urban mobility. At the age of 65, free access to urban public transport becomes a right, simplifying routine and promoting autonomy and independence.

4. Income Tax Relief

When it comes to Income Tax, seniors also have advantages. From the age of 65 onwards, INSS retirees and pensioners have an additional exemption range, allowing many to pay less or even receive a larger refund.

5. Medications with facilities

Health is a crucial topic in old age. With this in mind, the Farmácia Popular program ensures that elderly people have access to free or discounted medicines to treat common illnesses, such as diabetes and hypertension.

It is the guarantee of well-being within reach, simply by presenting a medical prescription, identity document and CPF at an accredited pharmacy.

Knowledge is power!

Knowing and claiming these rights is fundamental to ensuring a better quality of life in old age.

Information is the key to unlocking these benefits that are often within reach, but are not taken advantage of due to lack of knowledge.

So share this information and help ensure that more seniors can live with the dignity and comfort they deserve.

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