Elderly people can be EXEMPTED from these 5 bills, says the federal government; know everything!

Seniors over the age of 60 can have access to a series of exemptions. The benefits work in any state in the country, so everyone is included in the possibility.

You know that feeling of relief when you discover that something you were worried about is no longer a problem? This is exactly what many seniors are feeling right now.

The federal government has just approved a measure that guarantees exemption from 5 types of bills for people over 60 years old, which will benefit citizens from all over Brazil. Shall we check it out?

Did you know that seniors don’t need to pay for some important services? See which ones! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Rights of the elderly

Did you, who has already contributed so much to society, know that you now have some more guaranteed rights? That’s right!

In addition to the affection and respect it deserves, there are now tangible benefits that recognize its importance. Exemption from certain charges is one of these gestures of recognition.

Which bills were exempt for the elderly?

Next, check out what benefits the government is granting to seniors and keep an eye on which areas can save you money.


Firstly, if you are over 65 years old, have a monthly income of up to two minimum wages and only own one property (which is not used commercially), you can say goodbye to IPTU.

But, look, each city has its own rules, so it’s a good idea to check with the city hall, okay?

Interstate bus ticket

Next, that trip to visit the grandchildren or that long-awaited retreat? If you are over 60, transport companies reserve two free seats per journey.

Just don’t forget to make a reservation and bring the necessary documentation.

Intercity bus ticket:

Furthermore, for trips that are a little shorter, but no less important, the benefit is also valid.

Simply present a photo ID or card issued by the transport company in your region.

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Income tax

Now, if you are retired or a pensioner and are over 65 years old, part of your social security income is free from the lion. Just another reason to smile, right?


You know that medicine you need to take every day? Many of them can be collected free of charge, either through the Farmácia Popular program or at health centers.

Benefits of exemption for seniors

Overall, these exemptions mean more than just savings at the end of the month. They represent society’s recognition of the value and contribution of each elderly person.

Furthermore, they facilitate access to essential services, promoting a better quality of life.

Other benefits exclusively for seniors

In addition to bill exemptions, seniors are entitled to other important benefits:

Reduced tariffs on public utility services, such as water and energy, in some locations, helping to reduce monthly costs; Priority in service in public and private services, ensuring less waiting time; Free or discounted access to cultural and leisure activities, such as cinemas, theaters and museums, promoting social inclusion and mental well-being.

These advantages aim to ensure health, culture and dignity, recognizing the contribution of elderly people to society.

Enjoy your money in other ways!

This measure is a breath of hope and a step towards more dignified and peaceful aging.

May this be just one of the many initiatives that recognize the importance of our elderly in building a more just and supportive society.

After all, respect and care for those who have done so much for us is the least we can do.

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