Elderly Card is now available to request: discover all the BENEFITS

Discover the exclusive benefits of the Elderly Card. Find out how to request and renew this essential document to guarantee benefits and facilities in your daily life.

Aging is an art; it is living a story rich in experiences and wisdom. But what if this journey could be even more rewarding?

This is where the Elderly Card comes into play, as a true talisman that unlocks a universe of possibilities and benefits for Brazilian elderly people.

Imagine having the freedom to travel at lower costs, enjoy cultural events at discounts and much more. It seems like a privilege, but it’s a right! See below.

The Elderly Card offers a series of advantages; check out. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Discover the Elderly Card

Have you ever imagined being able to travel with significant discounts, access culture and leisure without weighing on your pocket, and still have priorities that make everyday life easier?

It seems like a dream, but it is the reality provided by the Elderly Card. But do you really know what this card is and how it can transform the lives of the elderly?

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Extended benefits

Public Transport Facilities: In addition to the aforementioned discount on travel, the Elderly Card guarantees priority when boarding urban transport. Health and Wellbeing: Many pharmacies offer special discounts for card holders, facilitating access to medicines and health products .Exemption from Fees: In some cases, the card can exempt the elderly person from fees for public services, such as issuing documents.

How to renew the Elderly Card?

The renewal process, in addition to being simple, is an opportunity to update your data and ensure that the benefits remain active.

However, it is important to pay attention to the due date to avoid setbacks. And remember, even if the license expires, the renewal process is always accessible and uncomplicated, whether online or in person.

In addition to practical benefits, the Elderly Card is an excellent starting point for education and awareness about the rights of the elderly.

Being informed about these rights and publicizing them is essential so that more and more elderly people can enjoy these advantages.

What do I need to apply for the Elderly Card?

To request the Elderly Card, you must be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico).

This registration is crucial, as in addition to being a prerequisite for the card, it opens doors to other social programs.

Step by step request

Registration with CadÚnico: Check if you are registered. If not, go to the nearest CRAS.Required Documentation: Have your ID, CPF and proof of residence on hand.Online or In-person Request: Choose the form that suits you best and follow the necessary steps.

Ultimately, the Elderly Card is more than a simple document; It is a passport to a calmer phase of life full of enriching experiences.

It represents the recognition that getting older does not mean losing rights, but rather gaining new possibilities.

Therefore, if you are elderly or know someone who could benefit, be sure to seek out this opportunity.

After all, aging well is everyone’s right, and the Elderly Card is a fundamental step in that direction.

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