ELDERLY bus card released TODAY (15/02), request it in a simplified way

The elderly bus card is a good alternative to help older people travel without having to worry about excessive ticket prices.

Have you heard about the new bus card for seniors? If not yet, get ready for something new that promises to make the lives of those who have reached 60 years of age much easier.

In Brazil, elderly people have a series of benefits that aim to make their lives more comfortable, especially when it comes to finances. Check out!

All seniors can count on an important benefit for urban mobility. Discover the bus card for seniors! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

What is this card and who can use it?

In principle, the bus card for the elderly is a benefit granted by the Elderly Statute, guaranteeing free public transport, such as buses and subways, for people aged 65 or over.

But does not stop there! Some regions have extended this right to those aged between 60 and 64, thus expanding accessibility.

How to request your senior citizen card?

For seniors in São Paulo aged 65 or over, the process is simple: simply create a registration on the SPTrans service website and follow the instructions, armed with ID, CPF, proof of residence and a recent photo. The card, valid for 5 years, will arrive at your registered address.

For those aged between 60 and 64, if you already have the Bilhete Único, the benefit is automatic. Otherwise, a simple registration on the website and a visit to a service station are enough to guarantee free access.

What is interstate travel like for elderly people?

Furthermore, for those who wish to travel between states, the Elderly Statute reserves two free spaces in each vehicle for low-income seniors, in addition to 50% discounts on other tickets, if the free spaces are occupied.

However, remember to request your ticket in advance, presenting your identity document and proof of income.

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Benefits for seniors beyond mobility

In addition to the elderly mobility card, seniors can count on other important benefits. In general, they affect many areas, such as health and access to justice. See the most interesting ones below.

Free medicines

Firstly, one of the most significant rights for the elderly is access to free medicines, especially those for continuous use.

This benefit is guaranteed by the public authorities, aiming to ensure the health and well-being of this portion of the population. To benefit, you must present identification, a valid medical prescription and CPF at pharmacies accredited with the Farmácia Popular program.

IPTU exemption

Next, another important benefit is the exemption from paying IPTU for elderly people who meet certain criteria, such as being retired, owning a single property and having an income of up to two minimum wages.

This right aims to alleviate the financial burden on the elderly, providing more security and financial peace of mind in their retirement phase.

Judicial Priority

Finally, the elderly have priority in the processing of legal proceedings, ensuring that their demands are resolved more quickly.

This benefit reflects the recognition of the urgency in meeting the legal needs of this age group, ensuring justice and equity in a timely manner.

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