Drivers NO longer need to take classes and exams to obtain a driver's license? Understand the proposal!

Getting your driver’s license can be a process that requires a lot of money, especially due to driving schools. However, this could soon change.

Recently, controversial information circulated about obtaining a National Driving License (CNH) for the year 2024, suggesting that it would be possible to acquire it without the need to take classes and exams.

This rumor raised many doubts and concerns among future drivers. So, is this really true? Come and discover everything about the proposal!

Have you ever thought about the possibility of not having to go through several bureaucratic processes to have your driver’s license in your hands? Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The real journey to the driver’s license

In principle, the CNH is an essential document for Brazilian drivers, certifying the ability to drive vehicles in a safe and responsible manner.

To obtain it, it is essential to go through a process that includes theoretical and practical classes, as well as specific exams.

These steps ensure that the future driver is fit for public roads, knowledgeable about traffic laws and prepared for various traffic situations.

In other words, the State Department of Traffic (Detran) clarifies that this information is false and warns of the importance of being aware of possible scams related to this matter.

Be aware of CNH scams

In short, Detran issued a warning about fake links that simulate official government portals, aiming to deceive users and collect personal and banking data.

These fraudulent websites can lead to significant financial losses for those who fall prey to these criminal practices.

Safety first

To avoid falling for scams, it is crucial to follow security measures, such as checking the authenticity of websites, not sharing personal and banking information on unofficial channels and being wary of processes that promise excessive ease in obtaining a driver’s license.

This alert serves as a vital reminder of the importance of following legal and safe procedures for obtaining a driver’s license, ensuring your own safety and that of everyone on the road. Protect yourself against scams and always be aware of official information from the competent bodies.

In short, being caught with a fake driver’s license is considered a crime of falsifying a public document, according to the Brazilian Penal Code.

The penalty for this offense includes imprisonment of 2 to 6 years, in addition to a fine. In addition to the criminal consequences, the individual will face administrative proceedings with DETRAN, which may include a ban on obtaining a driver’s license legally for a specified period.

These measures reflect the seriousness of carrying or using falsified documents, highlighting the importance of following legal procedures to obtain a driver’s license.

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End of driving schools in 2024?

On the other hand, there is a proposal that could actually suggest the end of bureaucracy, with the possibility of ending mandatory driving schools for categories A and B.

This potential change, proposed by Bill 6485/19, promises to make obtaining a driver’s license more accessible and less costly for Brazilians.

Driving schools: a requirement under review

Currently, to obtain a driver’s license, it is necessary to take theoretical and practical classes at accredited driving schools, a process that can cost up to R$3,000.

The proposal under discussion aims to eliminate this obligation, allowing candidates to prepare independently for the tests.

A new way of learning

If the proposal is approved, future drivers will be able to study on their own for the theoretical test, using materials made available by DETRAN.

For practice, they can learn from family members or independent instructors, following guidelines established by the transit agency.

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