Driver's license renewal has NEW rules and you NEED to pay attention to them!

The driver’s license renewal process requires a series of fundamental steps. The driver, therefore, cannot miss CTB updates.

Renewing the National Driving License (CNH) is always an important moment for drivers, and in 2024, it comes with significant changes that everyone needs to know about.

From the implementation of toxicological testing to changes to the points system, these new developments promise to impact the way we manage our licenses. Check out the news!

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Important changes in driver’s license renewal

In principle, the CNH renewal process may end up requiring different standards for each driver, depending on the category, for example. See what has changed below.

Toxicological examination: a new requirement

Firstly, from 2024, all drivers in categories C, D and E will have to take a toxicological test every two and a half years.

This measure seeks to increase traffic safety, identifying possible risks related to the consumption of psychoactive substances.

Expansion of validity for renewal of driver’s license

Next, another welcome change is the extension of the driver’s license validity period: now, drivers up to 50 years old will have their documents valid for ten years.

This adjustment is designed to make life easier for drivers, reducing the frequency of renewals.

Revamped points system

Furthermore, the points system has also undergone changes. The limit is now 40 points, but be careful: a very serious infraction reduces this limit to 30 points.

The intention is to promote more responsible driving, giving drivers greater scope for minor infractions without the immediate risk of driver’s license suspension.

Age-appropriate renovation

Furthermore, renewal deadlines vary depending on age: up to 50 years old, the driver’s license is valid for ten years; from 50 to 70 years old, five years; and over 70 years old, renewal must be done every three years.

This differentiation seeks to ensure that all drivers maintain adequate health conditions to drive.

Online renewal: practicality in the process

Finally, the new feature that brings greater convenience is the possibility of renewing your driver’s license online. Through your state’s DETRAN website, the process becomes simpler and faster, avoiding queues and unnecessary trips.

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What happens if I don’t renew my driver’s license?

In short, not renewing your driver’s license can result in several risks and legal complications. Driving with an expired license is considered a very serious infraction, subjecting the driver to a significant fine, points on the driver’s license and even retention of the vehicle until a regular driver is present.

Furthermore, in the event of accidents, the lack of a valid driver’s license can complicate the insurance claim process, leading to the possibility of non-coverage.

Not to mention the risk to personal safety and that of others in traffic, as the renewal includes assessments that ensure fitness to drive.

CNH Social: An Opportunity

The CNH Social program is great news for low-income drivers, offering the chance to obtain or renew their license for free. It is an initiative that aims to democratize access to the driver’s license, promoting greater social inclusion. Each state has its own, so look in your region!

Keep your document up to date!

These updates to the CNH renewal rules and the points system reflect the commitment to safety and responsibility in traffic.

Staying up to date with these changes is essential for all drivers, ensuring that they are always in compliance with the laws and, consequently, safer on the roads.

Renewing your driver’s license is not only a legal obligation, but also an opportunity to review and improve our driving practices.

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