Don't want to wait? This new GOOGLE button waits in line instead!

Only those who have had to spend several minutes waiting on the line know how annoying it is to wait for calls. Fortunately, Google’s new button will change that!

Have you ever imagined carrying out other activities while waiting on the phone line to be answered? Google is testing a feature that promises to make this wait a thing of the past.

With the new Google button, you can get on with your life while Google waits for you and lets you know when it’s your turn. Check out how it works!

Did you know that your days of waiting on the phone are over? Meet the new Google button! / Photo: publicity

The innovation of the new Google button

In principle, this innovative feature is currently in testing for Search Labs users, indicating the possibility of broad availability in the future.

The functionality is simple: when searching for a company that supports this tool, you click the call request button, specify the reason for contact, provide your information and leave the rest to Google.

When an attendant is available, Google notifies you and connects the call, saving you time and patience.

How does the new Google button work?

Search for a participating company: find companies that support this feature;Request a call: use the button available to start the process;Enter the reason and your details: specify the reason for the call and provide your contact information;Wait without worries : Continue with your activities while Google stays on the line for you; Receive notifications while you connect: receive a notification when it’s your turn and, when your turn arrives, wait to connect with the attendant.

Participating companies

Initially, major U.S. airlines, retail companies like GameStop and Best Buy, and insurance companies like Esurance and State Farm are among the participants.

If the tests are successful, more companies are expected to adopt this convenience.

More freedom for customers

This new Google button is another step towards a world where technology serves to maximize our time and efficiency.

With this new feature, Google not only makes our everyday lives easier but also redefines expectations about what it means to wait on the phone. Now, the wait may just be a detail while you dedicate yourself to what really matters.

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More news from Google

Google Maps, always at the forefront of technological innovations, introduced a feature that promises to make its users’ lives even easier: the weather forecast integrated into the application.

Now, before leaving home, you can check the weather conditions directly on Google Maps, a convenience that was already available for iOS users and is gradually being released for Android.

Preparing for the day with Google Maps

With this update, Google simplifies access to weather information, allowing users to better plan their routes and outdoor activities.

This integration means that in addition to visualizing the best route to your destination, you can also prepare appropriately for the weather, whether that’s bringing an umbrella for a rainy day or wearing lighter clothing for hot weather.

How it works?

The functionality is intuitive and easy to use, reflecting Google’s commitment to making the user experience as convenient as possible.

With just a few taps, you can view the current and future weather forecast, helping you make informed decisions about your journey.

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