Don't agree with the amount you receive from INSS? Learn how to request a retirement review!

Learn how to request a review of your INSS retirement and guarantee the fair benefit you deserve. This detailed guide covers everything from identifying errors to the necessary procedures.

Retirement is a crucial moment in the life of any worker. After years of contributions, we hope to receive a fair benefit from the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

However, the amount received does not always meet expectations, generating doubts and dissatisfaction. If you find yourself in this situation, know that it is possible to request a retirement review.

In the lines below, we will explain what a review is, when to request it and how to proceed to ensure your rights.

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How to identify errors in retirement calculations?

The first step is to check for possible errors in calculating the benefit. In this case, simply consult the contribution statement on the INSS website.

Compare the value received with the simulation carried out previously and observe whether there are significant discrepancies.

Furthermore, remember to check that all contribution periods have been considered, especially in cases of retirement due to age.

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Pay attention to the specificities for public servants

Public servants must pay extra attention. If you were a civil servant and are linked to your own regime, it is essential to present the Contribution Time Certificate (CTC).

Without this document, your public service time will not be counted by the INSS, directly affecting the value of your retirement.

Labor actions and impact on retirement

Labor actions are also a point of attention. A settlement or conviction in a labor lawsuit does not always directly influence your retirement.

To have an impact, it is essential that the process considers social security funds.

What documentation is needed to review retirement?

When it comes to proving your case with the INSS, several documents can be useful. For CLT workers, the work card is effective proof.

On the other hand, self-employed people must use the self-employed payment receipt (RPA). In all cases, the FGTS extract also serves as relevant proof.

Specific situations and whole life review

There are specific situations that require attention. For example, contributions made late may affect the grace period.

In addition, there is the "Whole Life Review", a modality that considers salaries from the entire contributory life, which may be more advantageous for certain taxpayer profiles.

Procedures for Requesting Review

To request a review, it is necessary to present all documentation to the INSS. This can be done online, through the "Meu INSS" application or on the website.

If the documentation has already been presented and the result is still unsatisfactory, you can go to court. Remember, each case is unique and must be analyzed individually.

In conclusion, reviewing retirement is a taxpayer’s right and can be the solution to guarantee a fairer benefit.

Therefore, if you detect inconsistencies or believe that the value received is lower than expected, do not hesitate to seek review.

With the correct information and adequate documentation, your chances of adjusting your benefit increase significantly.

Finally, always remember to seek advice from a specialized professional to guide you through the process.

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