Does drinking beer keep dengue mosquitoes away? Check out all the MYTHS and truths!

Recently, studies have shown that drinking beer can be a good way to ward off dengue mosquitoes. However, there are some myths involved.

In the battle against the dengue mosquito, information is our greatest weapon. But, did you know that some of our knowledge about these little fliers is actually myth?

For this reason, it is important to know what is fact and what is fiction in the world of Aedes aegypti and to better understand the role of alcohol in this story. Let’s go?

Did you know that drinking alcohol can help you get rid of the dengue mosquito? Check out what is true or not in this statement! / Photo: publicity

After all, does drinking alcohol really keep the dengue mosquito away?

Initially, contrary to what many may think, drinking alcohol does not keep mosquitoes away, and may even increase the attractiveness of these insects, especially Aedes aegypti, which transmits dengue fever.

In fact, when we drink alcohol, part of the ethanol is excreted through sweat. This substance in sweat works as a signal for mosquitoes, indicating the presence of a potential food source.

Can alcohol attract mosquitoes?

In summary, the attractive effect of alcohol on mosquitoes was observed in studies in which people who had consumed beer, for example, became more frequent targets of these insects.

This is due to the fact that mosquitoes are attracted to certain odors and chemicals that we exhale, such as carbon dioxide (CO2) and lactic acid, and ethanol added to sweat appears to intensify this attraction.

Alcohol is not the only factor!

However, it is important to note that alcohol is just one of the many factors that can influence the attraction of mosquitoes.

So while drinking alcohol may slightly increase your chances of being bitten, it is just one piece in the complex puzzle of mosquito preferences.

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Myths and truths about the dengue mosquito

In addition to the alcohol myth, there are some truths and not very correct theories about what the dengue mosquito prefers. Therefore, it is important to understand how this little evildoer acts to protect himself.

Check out below some truths or assumptions that can corroborate fallacies when it comes to precautions against dengue!

Preferred blood

Firstly, many believe that the dengue mosquito has a preferred blood type, but the reality is more complex.

Research indicates that people with type O blood may be more prone to bites, but other factors such as CO2 emitted, body heat and even the color of clothing also influence.

Fans as repellents

Another common myth is that using ventilators can ward off Aedes aegypti. Although the wind can make it difficult for mosquitoes to approach, it is not an effective barrier. Better to have repellents and window screens.

Other curiosities about the dengue mosquito

Rotten fruit and mosquitoes: in addition to humans, mosquitoes are also attracted to alcohol present in nature, such as in rotten fruit or flower nectar, which can ferment and produce alcohol; Mosquitoes and drunkenness: a common question is whether mosquitoes can get drunk when biting someone who has consumed alcohol. The answer is no. The alcohol level in human blood is too low to affect the mosquito, and its digestive system neutralizes the alcohol before it can have any effect.

Now you know the truth!

Finally, knowing the truth about the dengue mosquito and the effects of alcohol consumption can help us take more effective precautions.

Remember that prevention, such as using repellents and eliminating standing water, remains the best strategy to avoid dengue fever. Stay informed and protect yourself!

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