Does the 13th salary appear in the account TODAY (22)? Understand advance payment!

Advance your 13th salary in a simple way and ease your finances this month. A valuable opportunity to give your budget a breather.

Imagine the feeling of relief and joy when you see your bank account balance increase by the value of your 13th salary.

Well, today we bring news that will excite a lot of people: the possibility of bringing forward your 13th salary. That’s right, you heard right!

And best of all, the process is simpler than it seems, in just two steps. Shall we dive into this opportunity?

Find out how to receive 50% of your 13th salary today. A right that provides financial peace of mind sooner than expected. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Advance of 13th salary CONFIRMED

For many workers, this reality is closer than one imagines, especially for public servants in the city of São Paulo.

Thanks to a specific policy, they have the chance to advance 50% of this long-awaited benefit.

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How to make advance payments?

Now, you may be asking yourself: "But how do I advance my 13th salary?" Don’t worry, it’s easier than it seems:

Submitting the Application: First, prepare the application form, sign it with a notarized signature and send it scanned in PDF format. Required Documentation: Don’t forget to also send a legible copy of your identification document. It can be ID, driver’s license, among others.

Who can advance their 13th salary?

The possibility of anticipation extends to different groups:

Employees on Vacation or Leave: Anyone on vacation, leave or leave with pay must pay attention to the deadline for filing the application. Lawful Accumulation Regime: For those on a lawful accumulation regime, it is necessary to formalize an option for each job. employment.Pregnant employees: From the seventh month of pregnancy, pregnant employees can also opt for early pregnancy, presenting a medical certificate.

A historic achievement

It is important to highlight that the right to advance your 13th salary did not come out of nowhere. It is the result of the struggle and active participation of civil servants, mainly evidenced during the 17-day strike in 2006. This mobilization was crucial to ensuring this achievement.

Origin of the 13th salary

Did you know that the 13th salary is one of the most significant achievements of Brazilian workers? Its history begins in 1962, with Law nº 4,090.

This initiative, proposed by then president João Goulart, aimed to stimulate the economy and offer workers additional financial support at the end of the year.

The 13th salary is calculated as one-twelfth of the worker’s monthly salary, paid at the end of each year as a Christmas bonus.

This measure not only benefited workers but also played an important role in a context of intense political and social transformations in Brazil.


Anticipating your 13th salary is more than a simple financial issue; It is a reflection of the struggle and achievement of labor rights.

Therefore, if you fit the mentioned criteria, don’t miss the chance to anticipate this benefit and give your finances a breather.

Finally, remember, with every step we take, we are building a more prosperous and secure future for all of us.

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