Do you want to stay tuned to BBB 24 all the time? Check out some sites that will give you UNLIMITED access to reality!

Missing what happens at BBB 24 is not an option! Fortunately, there are some websites that can keep you connected to the most watched house in Brazil at all times.

The 24th edition of Big Brother Brasil (BBB 24) is in full swing and, with so many twists and turns, it’s natural to want to stay up to date with every detail.

Fortunately, there are a variety of free portals that keep you up to date with the dynamics, parties, and of course, the bullshit going on in the most watched house in Brazil. Shall we dive into this universe?

Did you know that you can stay tuned to BBB 24 for 24 hours? See which sites allow this access! / Photo: Rede Globo

How to follow BBB 24 all day

BBB 24 started recently and is on fire. Therefore, many people already want to follow what happens in the house and taking a peek every now and then may not be enough. Check out websites to follow the brothers all the time!

Gshow: the heart of BBB 24

Firstly, Gshow (the reality show’s official portal) is the perfect starting point for avid fans. In addition to being the place where you can exercise your voting power, the site offers a wealth of free content.

In other words, you will see detailed profiles of the participants, exclusive videos and even a peek at the brothers’ stables. It’s your passport straight to the heart of BBB!

Jornal Extra: an outside look

Next, for those looking for an external perspective, Jornal Extra (presents an editorial dedicated to BBB 24, bringing not only the latest news from the house, but also exploring the repercussions of the reality show in real life.

This way, you can access curiosities, polls and insights about the participants, all at the click of a button.

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O Globo: complete coverage

Furthermore, O Globo ( is not far behind, offering comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the walls of BBB.

Here, you will find in-depth reports on the controversies, the past lives of the participants and how the edition is being received by ex-BBBs, celebrities and even the streets.

Quem Magazine: gossip and behind the scenes

Also, for lovers of the world of celebrities, Revista Quem (brings BBB 24 into focus, revealing the behind-the-scenes, the controversies and the stories behind the participants.

In addition to covering the most recent events, the site explores the cultural themes mentioned in the house, connecting them with the world of entertainment.

Glamor Magazine: style and relevant themes

Furthermore, for those who don’t give up on style even when following BBB, Revista Glamor (offers coverage that combines fashion, culture and important debates that emerged on the program.

From fashion accessories to discussions about mental health and lifestyle, Glamor brings a different perspective to reality.

BBB 24 at your fingertips

With so many options available, following BBB 24 has never been so easy and fun. Whether it’s voting on Gshow, delving into the stories with Extra and O Globo, or even checking out the latest gossip on Quem and Glamour, there’s a world of content waiting for you. So, are you ready to dive head first into the BBB 24 universe?

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