Do you use Caixa Tem? Be aware that this may result in you NOT receiving benefits, understand

Some Brazilians are worried about the possibility of a blockade due to Caixa Tem. Understand the reasons behind this!

Nowadays, thousands of Brazilians use Caixa Tem as a vehicle for receiving payments and social or labor benefits.

However, recent news has left many users concerned about the possibility of their accounts being blocked, which would cause their benefits to be suspended. Understand what’s going on!

Are you a Caixa Tem user? So be aware of the possibility of losing benefit payments! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Origin of Caixa Tem

Initially, Caixa Tem emerged as an innovative solution, initially designed to facilitate the distribution of emergency aid in 2020.

It quickly became an essential tool for millions of Brazilians, offering a range of banking services in a simple and effective way.

Basically, the application allows the creation of a digital account free of charge, enabling payments, transfers and the receipt of social benefits with ease.

How Caixa Tem works

Furthermore, creating a digital savings account at Caixa Tem is uncomplicated. After downloading the application and following the registration instructions, users have access to a variety of services, such as transfers, consultations on social benefits and even withdrawals.

Among the advantages of Caixa Tem, the following stand out: free of charge, ease of use, high security and support available 24/7.

Who can create an account on the app?

In short, any Brazilian can open an account at Caixa Tem, including beneficiaries of social programs, formal and informal workers and anyone who wants a simple and accessible banking alternative.

To create an account, simply download the app, follow the instructions and provide basic data such as CPF, full name, email and date of birth.

Caixa Tem offers a variety of resources, such as bank transfers, bill payments and bills, consultation and receipt of social benefits such as Bolsa Família, in addition to allowing withdrawals and purchases with a virtual debit card.

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Recently, there has been growing concern among users about possible blocks that would prevent access to benefits.

Such blocks, according to Caixa, aim to prevent fraud and errors, but there are reports of unexpected blocks.

Common causes include violation of the movement limit, multiple or irregular registrations, and suspicions of fraud.

How to unlock Caixa Tem?

Firstly, to unblock Caixa Tem, it is recommended to follow the steps in the app itself, which may include a verification process via WhatsApp.

If there are difficulties, the user may need to go to a Caixa branch. The unlocking time may vary, but is generally completed within 48 hours.

How to keep Caixa Tem updated?

To keep the Caixa Tem app up to date and ensure its proper functioning, it is crucial to regularly check the availability of new versions (Android: or iOS:

In general, updates often include security improvements, new features, and bug fixes.

Keeping the app updated helps protect your financial information, improves the user experience and ensures uninterrupted access to the services and benefits offered by the app.

Bolsa Família is delivered via the app

Finally, Bolsa Família, now integrated into Caixa Tem, underwent reformulations to improve the distribution of benefits.

With the minimum value established at R$600 per family, the program aims to guarantee basic financial support, with additional benefits for children, adolescents and pregnant women.

To maintain access to benefits and avoid blocks, it is crucial to keep data updated in CadÚnico and comply with the program’s requirements.

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