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A five-cent coin can be worth much more than its face value, experts warn. Find out if you have the item.

Surely you have a 5 cent coin with you. Currently, it is the smallest monetary unit in circulation in Brazil. In other words, it has a very low value. What few know, however, is that it can be sold for up to R$200.

But calm down! Not all pieces have this value. In fact, there are some criteria that must be taken into consideration. Check them all out in this article.

A rare coin can be worth a lot of money – Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

5 cent coins: hidden treasures in your pocket

Did you know that a simple 5 cent coin can be worth much more than it seems? Among the various coins circulating in Brazil, some commemorative or limited edition editions stand out for their value to collectors.

The five-cent coin, which is worth a lot of money, was issued in 2005. On that occasion, the Mint made a mistake in minting the value. Therefore, they are rare and valuable.

Value beyond nominal

The value of a coin to collectors is not just based on its face value, but on several factors such as rarity, demand, condition and unique characteristics.

5-cent coins with these special features can be real gems for numismatic enthusiasts.

To recognize a high-value coin, it is important to pay attention to details such as the year of minting, special marks or manufacturing errors.

Commemorative editions or minting errors are especially sought after by collectors, increasing their market value.

Care and conservation

To maintain or even increase the value of a currency, it is crucial to maintain it properly.

Storing in dry places, avoiding direct handling and using specific protections are some of the recommended measures to preserve their conditions.

Top rankings

The study of coins, known as numismatics, is a fascinating science that combines history, economics and art. This field explores the origin and evolution of currencies over time.

Furthermore, it studies the unique characteristics and value for collectors. A crucial part of numismatics is the classification of coins based on their condition.

They can vary from "Flor de Cunho" to "Circulada", directly impacting their market value.

Flor de Manco (FDC): coins in this condition are perfect, with no signs of wear or contact with other coins. These are pieces that, after being minted, were immediately stored, maintaining their original quality. Superb (SOB): shows minimal handling marks, almost imperceptible. Although they are not perfect like the FDC, their quality is high. Very Well Preserved (MBC): they show slight signs of circulation. The main details are still clearly visible, but show wear in high relief areas. Well Preserved (BC): shows moderate wear. Although larger details are still visible, smaller details may be softened or missing.Regular (REG): coins with severe wear, where only the outlines and a few key details are visible. Identification of the year and nominal value is still possible.

Importance of classifications

Grading is essential in determining the value of a coin. Rare coins in "Flor de Cunho" condition are highly valued by collectors.

In addition to the state of conservation, factors such as rarity, demand and history also influence the price, as already mentioned.

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