Discover the most common professions in OTHER countries, but UNKNOWN in Brazil

Some professions are extremely common in other countries due to high demand. However, in Brazil they practically do not exist.

The professional world is vast and diverse, with some professions being pillars in certain countries, while in Brazil they remain almost a rarity.

So, if you’re curious to know what some of them are, keep following the article and see if you’ve ever heard about them!

Did you already know any of these unusual professions? Check out some interesting facts! / Photo: publicity

Professions that Brazilians have never seen in the country

While some professions are very common in Brazil and the rest of the world, there are some that we would never dream of seeing here. After all, there is simply no demand.

So, if you want to satisfy your curiosity about the needs of foreigners regarding certain roles, see below some of the most different careers!

Park Ranger

In principle, in countries with extensive protected natural areas, such as the United States and Canada, rangers are essential for environmental conservation and law enforcement in national parks.

They combine knowledge in ecology with surveillance skills to protect flora and fauna and ensure the safety of visitors. In Brazil, despite the rich biodiversity, the profession still seeks greater recognition and appreciation.

Snowplow Operator

Then, in regions where winter brings frequent snowfall, such as Russia and Canada, snow groomers are vital for keeping roads passable by removing snow and preventing roads from freezing.

In Brazil’s predominantly tropical climate, this profession is practically non-existent. Even though something resembling snow rarely falls in regions like the South, there is still no need for someone to work with it here.


Furthermore, the art of brewing is celebrated in countries with a beer tradition, such as Germany and Belgium. Brewmasters are responsible for the entire production process, creating drinks with unique flavors.

In Brazil, despite the growing interest in craft beers, the profession is still developing. Who knows one day, right?

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Earthquake Specialist (Seismologist)

In earthquake-prone areas such as Japan and Chile, seismologists are instrumental in monitoring seismic activity and developing disaster mitigation strategies.

In Brazil, due to the low incidence of significant earthquakes, the career of a seismologist is not as prominent. Fortunately!

Desert Guide

In countries with large deserts, such as Morocco and the United Arab Emirates, specialized guides are essential for navigating these arid and hostile environments, ensuring safety and an enriching experience for visitors.

The absence of deserts in Brazil makes this profession practically unknown. There are no places like that around here!

Urban Wildlife Specialist

Finally, in the metropolises of countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, urban wildlife experts deal with the coexistence between humans and wild animals in urban environments.

In Brazil, this area is still emerging, despite increasing encounters between fauna and the urban population.

So, did you know these professions?

These professions highlight the fascinating cultural differences and specific needs of each society. They offer a glimpse into how a country’s geography, climate and culture shape the job market and define which careers are valued and necessary.

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