Delivery deadline is defined, don't leave it for later

The period for submitting this year’s MEI declaration is approaching and those who do not comply with this rule within the deadline run the risk of having problems with the tax authorities.

The clock is ticking for Individual Microentrepreneurs (MEIs) who have not yet sent the Simples Nacional Annual Declaration (DASN-SIMEI) for the base year 2023.

Therefore, those who need to deliver this report must be careful, as missing the delivery date is not an option for those who want to maintain their companies. Check out!

This year, it is necessary to submit the MEI declaration within the deadline. see when it starts and ends! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

What is the MEI declaration?

In principle, DASN-SIMEI is an obligation for all MEIs, including those that had no financial transactions during the period.

In general, the declaration must include all income from the activity, with or without an invoice.

Important: MEIs that have ceased their activities must also send the declaration, respecting the annual revenue limit of R$81 thousand.

How to make the MEI declaration?

Firstly, it is possible to do so by accessing the Simples Nacional Portal (

Then, with the CNPJ in hand, choose the option "Normal Situation" for active or "Special Situation" for inactive individuals.

Afterwards, enter the total gross revenue values ​​and inform whether you have employees. After checking the information, complete the submission.

It is worth noting that the deadline is set for May 31, 2024, a crucial date to maintain regularity and avoid possible complications with the Federal Revenue.

What happens if I don’t deliver?

In short, delaying or omitting the declaration can lead to fines starting at R$50, restrictions on the CNPJ and even transferring the debt to the entrepreneur’s CPF, making it difficult to obtain credits and social security benefits.

For MEIs, therefore, the time is for attention and action. Don’t leave it to the last minute and ensure your peace of mind and compliance with tax obligations.

Stay informed and up to date with your responsibilities to continue enjoying the benefits of being an Individual Microentrepreneur!

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Furthermore, the Simples Nacional Collection Document (DAS) is an instrument used by micro and small companies included in the Simples Nacional regime, including MEIs, to make the unified payment of various federal, state and municipal taxes.

DAS basically simplifies the tax process, consolidating taxes into a single monthly tab, facilitating tax management for smaller companies.

What if I don’t pay the DAS?

Failure to pay the DAS can have serious consequences for the business. Initially, interest and a fine are applied to the amount owed, increasing the debt month by month.

Furthermore, default can lead to exclusion from the Simples Nacional regime, forcing the company to fall under another, generally more onerous, tax regime.

The irregular situation also prevents the issuance of negative debt certificates, essential for participating in tenders, obtaining financing and renewing permits.

To give you an idea, in extreme cases, the debt can be registered as Active Debt, with the possibility of protesting the title and tax enforcement, directly affecting the assets of the company’s partners.

Therefore, keeping DAS payments up to date is essential for the financial health and legality of the business.

How to open MEI?

Finally, to open a MEI, access the Entrepreneur Portal (, select the option "I want to be a MEI" and click on "Formalize".

Afterwards, fill in your personal details and those of your future company, define the activities to be carried out and complete the registration. There are no costs for formalization.

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